[115] Tutorial – Noble Electronic Digital Safe with comedy wafer lock

A great example of a cheap electronic safe that you shouldn’t buy.

And let’s be honest: You shouldn’t buy any cheap Chinese made safe from a hardware shop, period.


Keymaster says:

Great video!

Frosty901 says:

Lol thanks for sharing buddy. Well done. 🙂

BlackDolphin90 says:

Can you pit a abloy cam on it or something high end. Could you try tensioning the bolt and whacking it ontop to open it?

Tipene Nga Puhi says:

That looks a lot like those Safes you see in of Motel rooms. Also those cheap Wafer locks are often sold in bulk lots for all sorts of uses (filing cabinets, key cupboards – ironically etc….) and a handful of keys will open most of them.

Lock Noob says:

Yeah, I HATE these safes and I hate how they are sold as high security household options in major retailers, it’s almost criminal how they can have wafer or low security pin tumbler secondary locking mechanisms. Thanks for the vid 🙂

Potti314 says:

Unbelievable – that thing is a joke.

fromefun says:

What a lovely review and I can’t wait to see how the donor object is converted. BTW was it the battery connector what failed or was it in fact something a wee bit more fundamental?

Lockpicking _Dev says:

I’m not sure there is a small safe like this that I’ve encountered and hasn’t been a joke to pick!

Victor Alves Portugal says:

Good lock

redcatimaging says:

Awesome Michael :), this is really a crap safe ;D. The tubular ones might be a bit better as long as you can’t stick a big pen in haha ;D. Very curious looking forward for the electronics and if you can influence the magnet from the outside :D. Cheers buddy :).

Victor Alves Portugal says:

You is snypr

Papa Smurf says:

Interesting video, as the other comments all seem to say, it’s cheap, criminally so, especially with that daft wafer lock on it. Still loving the series on safes, learning loads.

West Coast Picks says:

Nice lol. Reminds me of the sentury digital lockbox I picked.

You’re right, atleast put a cheap tubular lock on it. If not something better.

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