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A Beginner’s Guide to Proper GunVault SV500 Gun Safe Setup

The sv500 speedvault is without a doubt one of the most popular gun safes on the market today. With its amazing features and ease of use, the reason for this is not so hard to understand. One of the greatest benefits of working with this vault is the fact that it is incredibly easy to install and program. Below is a step by step guide on how to get started with the vault’s setup. That way, whether you install it next to your bed or in your closet, you will be in a better position to get it just right.

What you will need
Before we get into details on exactly what needs to be done, it is important to ensure that you have all you need. Below is a list of items you must have at the ready while installing your sv500 speedvault.
1. The vault
2. User manual
3. 9V Battery
4. Vault bracket
5. Screws and a power drill

How to do it

Step 1- Select the perfect location

The first and probably most important step is selecting the location of the safe. Common installation sites include bed stands, closets, office desks, kitchen cabinets, living room mantles and many others. Whatever the case, you need to ensure that the gun is easy to access when needed yet also safe from prying eyes and hands.

Step 2-Drill the bracket into position

Once you have chosen a spot you feel comfortable with; the next step is setting up the vault bracket. These are a series of metal plates meant to be fastened onto the wall for attachment of the safe. Before getting started, it is advisable to mark on the wall or desk or stand where exactly you want the vault to go. In this case, you will need a pencil or chalk and the entire pre-assembled unit. Once you have marked the position, you may proceed to fasten the brackets using the screws and the driver.

Step 3- Fasten the vault onto the brackets

Once the bracket is in place, the next step is fastening the vault onto it. In this case, all you have to do is to slip it into place and use the thumb screws to fasten it. This is a pretty easy and straightforward step. It is important here to ensure that the brackets were fixed properly. The last thing you want is for your vault to be handing awkwardly or wobbling around because the frame wasn’t properly aligned. In case you notice this, just remove and reinstall the bottom plate of the bracket and you should be good to go.

Step 4- Use the key to test the opening mechanism

Once the setup is good and ready, you can move on to the programming bit. However, it is always a great idea to ensure that you first test the opening mechanism before committing yourself to a specific keycode. This is done using the override key. In addition to confirming that the lock works, it helps you gauge the accuracy of your installation. If something wasn’t done right, then you might end up having problems like a jammed safe door. Whatever the case, this step allows you to finalize the mechanical aspect of the installation.

Step 5- Program the keycode combination

Finally, you get to choose the combination to unlock your safe. In this case, the manual comes in pretty handy. All you have to do is to select a code that is easy for you to remember. With this model, you also get to enjoy the fun simultaneous entry feature that allows you to click on multiple buttons as one entry. That way, you are ensured maximum security. Once all this is done, lock the safe and try using your code to unlock it. If it opens properly, then you did everything right and it is now truly ready to serve you and your firearm.


After all is said and done, installing this vault is not exactly rocket science. All you need to do is to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment ready. Once this is done, select that perfect spot and get to work. The 5-step guideline should come in handy when it comes to installation and programming. That way, whether you are a newbie working with your first safe or a guru installing an upgrade, you will be able to get it right without incident.

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Devid Oskar says:

Excellent review of GunVault SpeedVault SV500. I’m interested to buy.

Julio Pacio says:

Is this product made of steel?

Kirby Smith says:

Thank you. That certainly helped me to get my safe installed.

Raiden Skys says:

any laws for getting a gun box?

Justin D says:

I’ve had mine for a few years highly unreliable , it’s now to the point where it will not recognize the code even after resetting and replacing battery , I’ve call the manufacture and no replacement offered…… update to this comment I realized my 9v battery was new out of the package but was 1 yr away from being expired . After replacing with a new fresh alkaline battery it works . Just be sure to set a date to replace it every year and don’t wait to do it or it’ll fail when you really need it in a hurry. I still love it after all

Patrick Drelich says:

Is this product available worldwide?

james forbis says:

How long does this gun safe tend to last and do they have a warranty option?

Terry H says:

Great video. Lost the instructions for ours. Just re-installed it for the wife. Thanks for the help!

Brenden01 says:

i have more then 1 handgun will these fit in here safely?

LearntoSuceed forever says:

my boyfriend is a cop and he has a few guns, if there a specific one that we need for this vult? or is there other sizes we can get?

Han Solo says:

Programming starts 14:12

Women's Wear says:

Wow! It’s too easy to setup the Gun Vault. Thanks for the video.

ModoX HexO says:

Is this safe large enough for most handguns?

Erik Holven says:

is this product available in any retail settings?

Linda Capri says:

Can I select in any locations?

Tiffany Webster says:

I have two handguns I’m wondering if this safe is big enough for them as well?

tscooter22 says:

Maybe I should have chosen another code. I just programed mine 20 minutes ago and I’m using 2234. What are the odds of that? heh

RUBZ469 says:

Hi there,

Awesome video… Just one question…

When the vault is locked… Can you unscrew the bottom small bracket with the two screws and get to the gun???

Mohammad Mottakinul says:

Why Backup override key at reason 4th?

michelle r says:

Is there a space for ammunition as well?

John smith says:

I would Love To Try this one… What`s the Cost?


I lost my directions you saved my ass.. thanks!

James Reynolds says:

Thank god, a video about the vault and how to use it. Thank you!

Pablo Hernandez says:

Good, now get a hammer and beat the shit out of it. I want to see a torture test…

SMG Mukul says:

if i forget the code, then is it possible to open?

iffalse says:

What sort of weight would the desk need to be for me to mount this? I have a sit stand desk but I’m not sure it’s substantial enough

Dooter Dan says:

what’s the biggest hand gun you could fit in this?

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