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thealize808 says:

I wish I could afford a fort knox safe

JPD says:

Who cares what the safe looks like. It needs to be a big solid piece of steel that can not be broken into with small power tools are a crowbar. Is Fort Knox made in the US.

hmc2s says:

Awesome video. Very nice safe shop. The nicest I’ve seen.

Weapons Education says:

Check out my video called gun safes the truth, thanks

Tiersmoke92555 says:

Great video. It got me thinking even thouh my total coleaction its under $1000 and I’m not a homeowner yet the investment into a $1000+ safe a long with there size will not fit my family.
W.E. my question to you is, what do you think of gub cabinet like the StackOn? Thay say there US made steel and will keep your guns “safe”.

Weapons Education says:

contact Curt yourself…his website is below.

Weapons Education says:

I have found some much nicer shops then this one. Prices are less also.

luattlebaum says:

This company focus more on large safes, but the average person needs a small safe for hand guns and jewerly.

Weapons Education says:

@Balisong005 watch my video called gun safes the truth

Donald Trump's Space Force says:

well theres a half amstaff half lab curled up with my 308 in bed right now so id say that ones pretty safe

Brent says:

Another phenomenal video, thank you! Starting my research for my first safe and this video is exactly what I was looking for

Road Glide says:

Tom who is the manufacturer of your Gun Safes? You were getting them from a superior safe manufacturer Vault Pro USA out in California but understand you are no longer.

Weapons Education says:

Watch the updated video called “gun safes, the truth” thanks bro

frankie2234 says:

Love your videos. Can you ask your safe guy what he thinks of “Liberty” safes. I see them at Gander Mtn. and Cabellas all the time, but wonder how well they will protect my guns and money???? Thanks.

Will nonya says:

I currently live in an apartment and would like a discreet and easily accessible safe to store my gun, especially when I am not at home. Do you have any recommendations?

Weapons Education says:

Please watch my video called” gun safes the truth” Thanks

gettheleadoutasshole says:

Combination lock beats buttons anytime

l337pwnage says:

I didn’t know Fort Knox could go that thick, that is pretty impressive.

Chris S says:

Great Video

MrPittsburghJ says:

Good vid WE! Never heard of Fort Knox safes. Going to check them out now.

Weapons Education says:

Watch my new updated video here:

Lee Maxwell TV says:

that stainless one was bad ass

Weapons Education says:

It is his company not mine, but I will say lending is tight, maybe he does not want to get involved in the lending process. I do not know. Thank you so much.

Don Beckham says:

On the Fort  Knox… what stops someone from manipulating that bolt release through the door jam?

Alan d'Eon says:

that not a safe. It’s a lockable storage unit. They don’t become “safes” until you get to the higher price points.

My opinion is it is better than nothing. I’ll be getting one next week to hold my new rifle until I can save the money for the bigger real safe, the $100 unit will then only be used to hold my extras like holsters, reloading died, gun power and primers etc… It can be pryed open with a crowbar so don’t rely on it for anthing more than rudimentary security.

Weapons Education says:

@Masonb27 Maybe we can ship one to you.

Weapons Education says:

Look at my updated video “gun safes, the truth.

Rockin' Ron says:

I just purchased (awaiting deliver) a Liberty Eagle Model 35 safe in Burgundy gloss with brass handle and S&G dial lock that meets my budget.

Gary D says:

I wad about to purchase the Liberty Timber Ridge 25 gun sage with digital lock, electric outlet, dehumidifier and lights from my local store for 999.oo $ what do u have that might be beter brand or quality? Thanks…

dcpc08161992 says:

Can you please do a video on the Maverick series (especialy the model 6026)? And maybe give us a run down on what is good about it? For those of us who don’t need a huge and very heavy safe to store just several AR15s… and on a budget… the Maverick seem to fit the bill but you rarely go over the cheaper FORT KNOX MEVERICK…is it any good?

I am looking for a safe to buy and really want Fort Knox

Tom n says:

It would be impossible to prevent a dedicated crook from getting into anything. If they really want your stuff they will jack up a corner of the home and get in that way. Best one can do is make it so hard to get in that the lazy bastards give up. My gun safe is recessed in a wall so a pry bar can’t be used and bolted to the concrete floor and to the plywood wall. It’s about as burglar proof as I can make it but there is never a guarantee.

PGA PING says:

Excellent video……..THANKS!!

jabez0657 says:

Tom, Love your safe education Video. Kurt actually called me. We talked for a while. Went to Tampa Show and was greatly discourage for a couple of reasons. No financing for such expensive safes. No same as cash 3 to 6 months. A joke of military discount! Basically pay cash, check, credit card. Actually purchase a Patriot LEO 39 gun safe 930LBS plus lots of free options. Maybe he only deals with the high class customers and forgets the middle class.
Thanks for your great videos!

CallMeTonyG says:

There is no such thing as your guns being safe all your trying to do is either buy time or convince a burglar its not worth their time. However I believe a good rule of thumb when buying a safe is spend around 10-20 percent of what the total value is of the items you want in your safe.

eltoroda says:

@weaponseducation Great video. Have you heard of the Brown safe co. or Pendleton safes? Thanks

EverythingisFire says:

I’m curious if he likes “Liberty”. I do own their lowest end model because of lack of space & money haha but I’m looking forward to buying a much larger & secure Liberty or Ft. Knox in the near future.

brianminkc says:

my house is safe….  the guns are ready to pick up and shoot.

WichitaMule says:

I just love listening to a guy that knows exactly what he’s talking about. Nice safes, well spoken, thank you.

Jim L. says:

Wow! That is a very impressive store!

dudelivestrong says:

seems like you wanted to say a few things, but this guy just keeps talking and talking.

Sargent Major says:

DAMN shame I’m alway down in nz we not get any good safes down under

Born Hunter says:

I wish there was a great safe dealer in Alaska. I am in need of a high quality safe.

aran125 says:

Hmm. Decisions decisions. So many safes. Question. The NRA standard always says store/lock up ammunition separate from any guns. Do u get a separate lox box for all your Amo or just store it on one shelf in the safe with all the guns ????

Gareth Hall says:

I strongly encourage anyone looking for a quality gun safe to contact Curt Price of C.E. Safes, located in Florida. C.E. Safes sells all the good brands and they have two lines of safe that they custom designed for the best safe for the money that they can sell anywhere in the USA: Rhino R Series and C.E. Safes USA Series. Great communication; tons of education. You’ll be surprised at what you didn’t know. I was. Call Curt at 888-242-8933. Ask about the USA Series.

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