August Smart Lock Review | Mr. Locksmith Video

August Smart Lock Review | Mr. Locksmith Video.

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I was not impressed with the August Smart Lock. They did fix an earlier critical vulnerability security flaw that potentially allowed an intruder to use a mobile app to find an August lock, based on an identification number that Bluetooth devices often broadcast wirelessly and then open the lock.

Most if not all Electronic Deadbolts sold in Hardware Stores and now Electronic stores have minor to major security flaws. I have been testing some upgrades but unless you need the Home Automation feature of remote or keyless entry stay away. However, talk to your local locksmith and hopefully they can guide to a good lock.

I will have more reviews coming soon and the one lock electronic lock I may install on my house! (with modifications).

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J.A F says:

Any thoughts on the new August Pro plus connect? Also, August was recently acquired by your favorite, Assa Abloy.

oliver pichardo says:

Technology is not for everyone. I’m still buying it

steve nance says:

My August lock works perfectly. Schlage uses the blue adapter. Read the instructions, maybe because you didn’t tape the keyed part of the dead bolt to the door is the reason why your lock was hanging up. The first few times you lock and unlock it does move slow. Afterwards it locks and unlocks with no issues. First of all the August lock is purely for convenience and does not state it will provide a structural means of security. However, the security part of this lock is having it automatically lock in a certain time frame after you’ve entered your home. So from a personal security stand point it does provide a means of security. Other than the shear size of this product I highly recommend the August lock.

Bizno Booyo says:

I’m going to put the pro on a bowley

Edward Cheung says:

You need to do lock calibration as per instructions

Weeble Bob says:

Man this guy is really dumb. Stick to manual locks from the stone age old man, you clearly can’t grasp the purpose of this device.

Dave Joseph says:

Dumb product. Why waste money on a product that does not improve security?

American Made says:

so this on a abloy protec2 would make for one hell of a good system?

Crescencio Bibay says:

so biased smh

p000000Lverr says:

he just killed the whole smart lock technology…facepalm.

CJay B says:

You shouldn’t recommend Z-Wave products. Its proprietary and not thoroughly tested. It has already been hacked by devices already on the market. Its great for other non security smart home devices, but not smart locks. August is on the right path when it comes to smart locks by allowing you to use your existing dead bolt. As far as Bluetooth, you may want to do some additional research when it comes to security and wireless signals.

Preston J says:

Dude, you interfered with the lock when you hit unlock to stop it.

David Cameron says:

Super sexy man.

Dave Danze says:

Mr Locksmith: THANK YOU SO MUCH my wife and I were considering this but a bit suspicious. Glad we looked on Youtube. You have saved us time and $. Keep up the good work!

bling 1 says:

You can’t get any lazy then this.

Mitchell Lawler says:

Just another old timer being condescending about technology because he doesn’t know it well enough or understand its benefits.

Rusty Eye says:

Very poor review. Doesn’t even mention August is compatible with Homekit

mohammad fayazuddin says:

This is only USA permit India also interested

Blashzo Nikolov says:

Thank you for your review! I was about to buy this, but i’ve seen that it’s unreliable for sure. I wanted to make my mom’s life easier, but if it’s jamming like this probably ill left her hanging outside. … Pfff… No way!

D Jaquith says:

Calibrate it again .. BTW the Schlage Smart Locks are garbage.

Serapis Christos says:

as he said he LOVES the other smart locks , so bias is already established .

Darin Walker says:

The security feature is not having to hand out keys to your home (someone performing service inside your home, etc.) .  You can issue out a digital key that can be later revoked.  This blows away handing keys out that can be copied.

Eric Dee says:

I never understood the concept of having a battery operated locking system especially this one. “ANYTHING” using “R.F.” (radio frequencies) to operate objects such as Locks, alarm systems,credit card/smart pass a.t.m’s, drones,model airplanes etc…can be easily manipulated. I have the ability to open “Anyone’s” garage door providing they have an automatic garage door opener simply by using my C.B. radio with a V.F.O. (variable frequency oscillator) and a 100 watt power amplifier, it drives the neighbors nuts thankfully they don’t know what the heck is going on,or who’s doing it…LMAO. this locking system seems to be more of a novelty item in my opinion.

Mostafa Fawzi says:

Hello Mr. Locksmith, can you review the 2nd generation August lock as well?

Arthur Vires says:

What is wrong with this guy??????

compalalaska says:

You seemed to be saying it wasn’t working quite often as it was successfully doing the exact thing you said it wasn’t .

Jarrod Smith says:

I mean, if someone did pick it and rotated it to unlocked the app could tell you.

A J says:

Very helpful

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