Best Bunker Hill Security 1.51 cu. ft. Solid Steel Digital Floor Safe

Best Bunker Hill Security 1.51 cu. ft. Solid Steel Digital Floor Safe purchased at Harbor Freight Tools.


dumb stupid says:

its a microwave with $2 lock

John Gilmour says:

Replace the wheels with I-Bolts and bolt it through the floor. Has anyone figured out how to set both master and user codes?

Icarus wind says:

yea im ritch

Tral Faz says:

Soup can.

Broccoli Rob says:

Mine stoped accept the passcode, I entered it correctly several times and nothing. I tried the password reset and still it won’t register.. anyone out there know what’s up with it?

Josepn Denardo says:

if you lock your self out all you have to do is grab a fire axe start swinging lol

Zyklon B says:

Bolt it down,wrap hardned chain around it held in place w grade 5 bolts and fender washers. Put in a corner so burglers cant get leverage. Use abus no 10 hardened padlock and good to go. But…with enough time and determination any safr can be cracked!

Leonardo castañeda says:

which camera do you use? do you still have the panasonic? I have found one like yours inside a box deep in my closet and wanted to know if it is good

Jay Bisky says:

Sounds like a great cheap alternative to an expensive industrial safe I don’t have many possessions worth stealing but for the few I have this seems like a good fit

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