Converted Big Horn 19ECB Costco Safe from Digital Keypad to S&G Dial Combo Lock

I converted my Big Horn 19ECB from costo from the Securam Digital Lock it comes with to the Sargent and Greenleaf 6730 and give a better in-depth explanation of how you can convert your’s aswell.


AlrightAlrightAlright says:

Excellent video dude. So freaking helpful to see inside the door. Thanks so much!

Lu Lu says:

is this the lock you got? S&G 6730 Combination Lock
if not, can you post where you got the combo lock from, so fellow utubers can purchase it? thanks.

HifiCentret says:

Yeah nothing beats a good old mechanical dial for reliability. For ultimate protection though electronic is the way to go since a mechanical can be cracked using an auto dialer dialing fast. Electronics has all sorts of counter measures to prevent autodialing but hey for home use that’s probably not a concern.
I’m a bit baffled by the swinging bolt of the original though. Could it be opened just by brute force the handle using a pipe as a lever? A sliding bolt like on the mechanical is much more secure in that respect too.

ANTHONY N. says:

Wouldn’t even matter. Bighorn 19ECB is still a Bighorn 19ECB and the bolt work sucks. Pry/crow bar attack will pop the door open in minutes

Stew Meat says:

Thank you for the video, my electronic keypad has worked fine for 3 years, but I know it will fail someday, just look at the reviews for the safe. Most complaints are about the lock failing. Not having to worry about a battery powered keypad will give me additional piece of mind.

Patrick Babaian says:

What is the model number of the S&G Dial Combo Lock you’re using?

ANTHONY N. says:

Seeing what’s behind the interior door panel and the “fire board”–why are there so many gaps separating the fire boards likes they were assembled like puzzle pieces?!?! Kind of seems like it would defeat the purpose of preventing smoke from coming in and cause smoke damage to the contents of the safe. AGAIN, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !!!

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