Electronic Safe Opened in 10 seconds with Black Box | Mr. Locksmith Video

Electronic Safe Opened in 10 seconds with Black Box | Mr. Locksmith Video

For further information or to purchase the Black Box go to http://mrlocksmithtraining.com/

Quick Start Dumb Safe Electronic Box to Open S Series Electronic Sentry Safe.

1 – Plug 4 wire connector into Dumb Safe Electronic Box

2 – Turn on Power

3 – Wait for Red Light to turn on

4 – Enter new 5 Digit Code and # key (“12345#)

5 – Wait for Green Light to turn on

6 – When you hear the solenoid click

7 – Turn Handle and open safe

Note: Read the full instructions

If safe fails to open, repeat 1-7 or drill the solenoid.

To purchase the Dumb Black Box go to http://mrlocksmithtraining.com/

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Sam Lucey says:

Hello, Will this product work for the Sentry DH series as well? Thank you

john mendoza rios says:

Hi, I entered your website to buy the black box and there are no available, how much time do you think is available ?, it needs to be as soon as possible

Big Smoke says:

The cod black hat

john rossell says:

Looks like that dum box isn’t so dum

quasi modo says:

How much the black Box?

Kyle Corey says:

how much do you sell this for

Laurence Cope says:

So if you enter your own code is the factory default code still active, it looks like it is.

djlowtek says:

Reminder: Never buy Sentry Safe

Tony Berlini says:

Left key inside my sentry safe by accident, how can I open it

Pyro4100 says:

Let’s not forget that a sledgehammer opens up Century Safes very easily it’s the master key to these things

Raul Rodriguez says:

nice video how to get the black box

ryan hall says:

Will this work for any other brand safe

Tomasz Owocki says:

Where I can buy this box in Europe? Please let me know

Crazy pop Anime land says:

Can you open a Winchester safe the same way??

Frank Wu says:

do you require a permit to buy a black box ?

Jessel Mahon says:

What about sentry safe rotary dial safes? Cant remember my combination .

john mendoza rios says:

Mr. Locksmith. I’m waiting for my order, 2 weeks ago I did it and you dont confirm anything, you dont answer the messages, what happens?

Brian brooks says:

Seems like a lot of trouble, considering all sentry safes can be opened with a magnet.

Vijay Dwivedi says:

hii sir.. sir how to reset a series lock on bidaut auto key programme

Tim Folland says:

I have a 3059 Honeywell gun safe they sent keys that don’t work and do not know the combination on the front of the digital it says program but I don’t have any information to program it will that box work the Honeywell 3059

john mendoza rios says:

Hi, good morning. a week ago i bought your product (black box) and i didn´t receive a mail about the tracking number. how long will it take arrive?, i need it.

brandon storie says:

Hello ordered black box what is the lead time to receive it also how do you register on your website cannot find registration information.

Marcos Raudkett says:

does the black box happen to be made out of raspberry pi?

Manny Perez says:

what locks do you recommend for every day use?

Kiba says:

Another great video warning consumers to quit buying cheap junk safes and lock sets just because they can acquire it at wal mart or costco…. If it’s important you buy a REAL safe!

Tristan james brumley 1 says:

Can i have one of the safe plz

Samuelle Luce says:

Will you keep me posted? If it does work I’ll order a black box. Would like to get these safes open asap. Thanks

Kurtis K. Cullen says:

Dear Mr locksmith

I desperately need to get into my safe….
DSW3607….. BK220960….. IT’S LITERALLY A serious problem. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Loyally yours
Det…….Kurtis Cullen

Gollammeister says:

id never buy one id rather invest in a good qaulity one

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