How To Crack A Safe In Under 3 Minutes

In under 3 minutes, you can get into any cheap safe – and this video shows you how to crack into a safe with two methods of doing so.

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Bloodthirsty Vegan says:

When a chimpanzee uses a stick to get ants from a hole in the ground, we call it a tool.

Samer Samyan says:

Hello, plz help me I opened mine but it dose not close??

Piyush Bhutani says:

he cut the video we r not fool

Bhusta Cap says:

holy shit it worked

Taylor V says:

Wow. The tap method works. Goes to show you can’t cheap out on a safe.

David Hernandez says:

Great video

Jonas M says:

dat Intro luuuuul

Anakin Skywalker says:

OMG!! THANK YOU finally I can take my money

Oana Mihaela says:

Omg thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Keags006 Fan Sub says:


Taylor Baurys says:

Well fuck you then

LandOfOrange says:

My brother has a safe. It won’t be safe for very long! THANKYOU!!

David Snell says:

This video assumes safe is loose (those holes at the back of the safe will not serve any use when safe bolted to a wall) and also this video assumes safe has space above to tap the top to release spring.

Longrich Tv says:

thanks it worked

Aaron Thao says:

now I know ur passcode thnx I can rob u lol jkjkjk

X Y says:

Super, it works perfectly, thank you !!!

Pacers1100 says:

Does this really work ? Please respond asap

Meylin Castellanos says:

omggg I got it open on the first try ! thank you very much!

ToxicGamerX says:

who’s here because of mcjuggernuggets

Chicken pirat says:

It worked wtf

Jaakko Fagerlund says:

That’s not a safe, it’s a tin can with a fancy dial.

tmg1262 says:

Does it work if batteries die?

David Vu says:

all of you guys are retarded

Digitize49 says:

Stay tuned…next up: How to shoot a home intruder in 5 seconds!

★ glitcher32 ★ says:

I got this at goodwill and there is no batterys in it and the keys are locked inside I think -_-

Rayne Smith says:

it works and your awesome thank u I’m getting hi tonight lol

Richard J. Peña II says:

Thank you it really actually worked

Group W Bench says:

Brilliant! That first method of gently hitting it on top as you turn the dial worked for me in under one n=minute! Thank You!

Dylan Maldonado says:

Thanks! One safe had 16,000 cash inside.

Ed Rozanski says:

Wow!! So glad i found this video. My son’s safe is locked , key is lost. (Of course) and batteries are dead (of course)….so I tried the bouncing on bed method. Didn’t work. However, it only took me 2 pounds on Top and twisting knob at same time for it to open. My wife thinks I am a genius! Thank you !

Johannes L says:

aah thank You so much, finally got my old toylocker opened by first of your “tricks” !

E&H gaming says:

איך ליפרוץ מה אתם לא יודעים יחאות מעפנים……..

Qmentis says:

Banging the top only works if its mounted on something crappy. try doing when its on concrete…and most are mounted so you cant get behind them..if you could spin it around you just nick the safe!

old young man says:

i wish I watched this before buying a sledgehammer

Harrys Drone Channel says:

Legend thanks

NerMan says:

0:44 Why’d you cut the video

BSG says:

I have the exact sake safe and when i bant the top and try to open ot doesnt work mate.

Guineapiggaming 444 says:

Doesn’t work

Jason Atomanczyk says:

it didn’t work

Zanae Rotar says:

Omg that worked!

74czer says:

It doesnt ope n by thumping it . He edited the video notice right before he “opened it ” by thumping it theres a cut.

Keags006 Fan Sub says:

Will it work on wichestee

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