How to open a digital safe without any tools or keys IN 2 SECONDS!

How to open a digital safe without the keys or any tools in just two seconds! Of course if it’s not mounted to the wall..,


Quentin Styger says:

Why would anyone buy a safe this easy to crack?

manofweed1 says:

They call a toy box like that a ‘safe’ ! Guess real safes are banned now incase kids trap themselves inside ?!

att430 says:

thanks this worked perfectly. electronic safe from Amazon

Chris C. says:

So you clicked on this video cause you forgot the combination, naw I just want to know what my neighbors are hiding

Nigel Moss says:

Life saver. Key lost, batteries dead, bounced it on the bed and voila! Wife got access to all her jewellery. New batteries fitted now and all good to secure to the bloody wall so no bed bouncing kid knicks our valuables! LoL!

Gamer 96 says:

worked first time have a yale compact safe ! thanjs so much

whoz thatdude says:

might work with a strong magnet as well keep in mind magnets and electronics don’t mix

majingwei says:

You just saved my wife’s job kid! Thanks!

William Duty says:

Can’t trust kids I am do it for my job and that’s is fack

Matt says:


Alpha Fort says:

whats the point in the safe if it’s so easy to open?

Dan Brackman says:

what if the battery is dead?

MLG Lad says:

What I do is make a mold of my key when I get my safe that way I can just use a soldering iron to make a metal copy of the key and then grind in the edges with a knife.

Paul Mitsuda says:

I tried this movement and does not work

REX101 says:

First I was skeptic because I couldn’t open it, then my wife tried and she opened right away, make sure there is enough bounce mainly in the door area.

metamech says:

Worked…time to throw it away.

timmy pinti says:

your better buy the yale certifiet home safe that’s much better en stronger believe me

lmaoyourekiddingme says:

Doesn’t work on mine.

Surya Anjaya Vlog says:

you are my live safer thank you so much thoug

Wendy Ehoff says:

My husband thought I was crazy when I asked him to try it. But it really does work. Thankyou for the video 🙂

Narcolepsy says:

Dude, thanks man, I keep my prescriptions in my safe and this morning I shut the door too hard and the batteries came out of the door and I couldn’t find my key. This worked on the second bounce. +1

lmaoyourekiddingme says:

Nope. DEAD BATTERY, can’t find key.


i love you

Giz Y says:

most safes are bolted to the wall!

Bloodthirsty Vegan says:

If there’s any chance of a loaded gun inside DON’T DO THIS! So much blood, gotta go, I hear the ambulance now.

Jkou Files says:

it worked the second drop! works better than banging the top with my hand which I first tried and made my hand sore. couldnt get it to open again yet tho lol. I dropped it 10 times but no luck. I know it works tho. good thing I took my $ out first.


OMG I locked our passports in the safe and couldn’t find any help from the makers….I can’t believe this just worked..thank you OMG

Liz Neumeier says:

Throwing it on the bed work.. I uh.. wow

Pablo Ruelas says:

Worked like a charm. Thanks kid!

Richard Fletcher says:

thats why you bolt em to the wall

Sailar says:

My safe is hella heavy…. Theres no way of me lifting it up….. rip

xWG Fade says:

Ur voice is annoying

Shankar P says:

It worked in about 5 seconds, amazing haha thanksss!

Pete Griffin says:

It actually fucking worked holy shit

Enrique Rodriguez Zamudio says:

You are the boss!!!!!

Alex Temblador says:

thank you for this!! life saver!

The18x18x says:

cool trick but you sound really unintelligent

Anime Loving Nerd says:

But what if the safe is too heavy?

Brothers Wei says:

dude you are awesome. Thanks for the video and passing on the knowledge. I didn’t know about this and I probably would have not believe it if you just told me this works. If you didn’t show how to do it on video I would have not believed it. You saved me a big headache. I was about to throw away a safe that was given to me (empty) but now I just reset the code and it’s functional again. Anyways cheers and thanks again.

whatdoyoumeme says:

Give this kid the medal of honor

Jad Ghazal says:

You are my hero!!! Thanks buddy

David Cullum says:

It has a key, you can just prize open the hinges with a can, you can pull the back off or just drop it? That is one shit safe.

Firealarm102 says:

damn 71,00 views. thanks!

Linh Duong says:

Fake af

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