How To: Open A Locked Sentry Safe If You Forgot Combination Code Or Lossed Key Model Is X055

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I show you How To Open A Locked Sentry Safe If You Forgot The Combination Or Loss Your Digital Code Or Lossed Your Key. The Sentry Safe in this video is Model # X055.

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I answer the following questions in this video.
I forgot my combo to my Sentry Home Safe how do I get into it? I have a sentry safe and I lost my key to get in? How do I drill a lock to get into my home safe? How to get into your home safe if you forgot your combo or lost your key.


Ashley Burmeister says:

I drilled out the key hole but it still doesn’t open? any ideas on how to get into my safe? the 17500 # didn’t work

rjhat3 says:

You didn’t have to drill it. Very simple safe to get in to with no code. All you need is a control cabinet screwdriver and a flashlight. Turn the safe around so you are looking at the back. Aim the flashlight in to the hole on the right side. Insert the screwdriver in to the hole on the left. Insert the screwdriver into the vertical gap on the battery cover and twist. The battery cover will slide right,exposing the code reset button. Press it with the screwdriver. The safe will beep indicating you can now enter a new code. Put in something like 1234#. The safe will beep. Now press 1234# again and open the safe. No damage done and the safe is open!!


Was just about to buy one now at Target…welp nvm changed my mind

Gardenboyking 24 says:

Be honest bro you hit a lick and your giving us the game on how to be a crook

Jack Box says:

You can use a paper clip to open it. You Don’t need to drill it.

Andy Neal says:

? Why not open the inside cover with a metal bar & press the rest button then input new key code & it opens. Use the two fixing holes in the back 1 to view 1 to use the metal bar. The reset button works weather lock or unlocked.

Jonathan Pal says:

what if battery is dead and key is missing?

ricky smith says:

The bars are stuck open how do I get them to close so I can close my safe

Robert Batista says:

all you have to do is drop the safe on the carpet from an inch or 2 high & turn the handle as it hits. It may take a few tries to get the timing right but it really works!!!

Jack Rippers says:

Great video, thank you

Chloe Cee says:

so helpful

kametub3 says:

I was resetting the password on mine and my kid shut the door and the batteries fell out. How do I open now??? please help

uncleez1572 says:

want to open this safe without a code or key? just turn the knob real hard. it’s junk. I bought it yesterday, but it’s going back to the store because I’m able to just twist the knob. even my wife could do it. it’s trash.

Nick says:

why did you not stick something trough the back slide the thing over and push reprogram LOL

Andrew heuft says:

Deer how do you put in your own password I this by one and I can’t do at

Scott Timmons says:

I have one, I lost the key and the batteries died. fml

Frankie W says:

it is more logical to think that this safe was stolen and dumped by the thieves. no owners would throw a safe away just because they forgot the combination and lost the key

Miza Rahman says:

I am md mizan. godrej Technician.bangladesh.

Liam Sloan says:

thats a hash not a pound lol £ <-- pound # <-- hash

RectalDiscourse says:

this safe is good, keeps the honest person honest but a real thief will always find a way. besides, im sure all youd have to do it call in, provide a serial number and order a new key…or cut it open with a power tool. i like the safe, good value for what I paid, the only thing that really sucks is the battery cover. It isn’t very securely locked in so shaking the safe hard enough or slamming the door a little too hard (both of which aren’t hard at all) it’ll knock the cover out and you’ll always have to use the override key.

Rollin Coal says:

DONT DRILL . . Just use the “bounce method” described below. Lift the left side of the safe up and let it slam down on the kitchen counter while twisting the knob at the same time! It worked for me second try!

Jaden Cagle says:

thank you this helped me get back into my safe

Andrey Z says:

just shake it… and it opens… works with mine

iSaAc iFeRgAn says:

“How to rob a sentry safe”

Amy Wilson says:

Thank you! I needed to reprogram my code- and this worked!

CHOPERUS23 says:

Remove that centre plastic piece and learn how to pick simple wafer locks!

SouljaThis SouljaThat says:

All u have to do is use scissors

cierra smith says:

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo IM NOT LOOKING FOR THIS

AJ Anonymous says:

I picked the fucker with 2 Bobby pins

Adam Byrd says:

thanks for your help save me from having to break my safe open i was using that code and forgot it

fatima alajeel says:

Thanks u helped

Jay Mayne says:

Why would you ever keep a safe you found in a dumpster?

Mike Johnson says:

the safe is no good, the key hole is drilled and anyone can open it by taking the tab off

Max Headroom says:

found mine in the dumpster also.

Carl Wilbur says:

will my old code still work after using the default code?

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