How to open digital safe when battery is flat and key not working

How to open a digital safe when the battery is flat and the key does not work? This method takes less than a minute! Had I known this, I wouldn’t have bought this type of safe! Now I have wrecked the safe.


Andrew Kite says:

thanks – battery had fallen out – key was lost
Safe is now open – couldn’t use the bump technique

jake meister says:

so after i knocked the lock part off with the hammer and chisel i couldnt fond a button or lever to press down on where is it

や や says:


The Heretic says:

Or instead of destroying it, tap on it correctly like you tried to do with the hammer and it will open. you are supposed to tap and then turn after a split second, not to turn then tap or do it simultaneously.

جودا ارتي says:


Juran Hakim says:

Cheers mate. This actually works. Over zealous wife destroyed it trying to get it open. Managed to open it with this. thanks

Carlos Luis says:

Muy bueno!! Eficaz!! Very good!!!! Is ok !!!
Gracias!! Merci Thank you

HifiCentret says:

You could have done so many things better. But hey you still can. First of all get rid of the solenoid and padlock. As others say now your “safe” is even less secure than before.
Instead of the solenoid blocking the locking bolts you should use the existing lock hole and mount something better. I don’t know which lock you have locally but even the mail box version of (my) local Ruko is much better than that lock in it now but if you want it better there’s high security versions of them too. Go for something from the Assa Abloy group it’s better than most or now you know the quality I’m looking for. Then scrap the mail box pawl that come with the lock and make you own so that when it’s locked it blocks the bolts. Then it would be a lot better than it was before and opening it would require noisy lengthy methods instead of a quick bolt cutter.
Lastly make a nice place to mount on it now the plastic one is gone if you want it to be aesthetically nice.

AmDe Sidik says:

I’ve been reading a few….but this is funny! its no longer safe by the way!

Lisa Johnson says:

Thank you so much. My 9 year old might have thought I was mad, but I got in there in the end. My safe had an extra large ring around the key hole that I had to get around first. Just used a biggeR crowbar

Justin Kenney says:

Im banging away at my safe rightnow i cant get the key hole out i have a long day ahead of me

CloutDons Gaming&Music DBXV2 VMVB says:

I got the same safe I need to open it with out braking anything

Ady Colligan says:

Cheers geezer.60 secs and it was open.yale safe.all the best

Gwaps Finest says:

Wow thanks a lot it realy worked took me 10 min thank u

sem terp says:

thank you !!!

Brenda Bougard says:

thanks so much I got it open with a flat head screwdriver and hammer had decided to call a locksmith until I saw the video

Chin Beng Liew says:

I like this! Can salvage the safe?

Picobyte says:

You are doing way to much trouble… Those boxes open as easy as any cardboard box.Some jokers even use a potato to open those crappy things.

Eddy Popescu says:

you can open with the key!!!

Ashley Samuel says:

what if I want to open it without breaking it?

steve yang says:

Thanks for sharing. I almost bought this safe… Will now look for a UL rated burglary safe

MrRaynemaker says:

Silly me. I thought this was how to open the safe without destroying it. My bad.

Scott Fraser says:

Hey mate, I just recently bought a safe with the same keypad, having issues with getting the thing to lock.. instructions I received were also very bland. Bypass key also only turns 90 degrees and the knob is the only way of unlocking/locking it. Am I missing something or is it faulty? It should lock automatically when I close the door right? Thanks

Kid Robots says:

To open a safe, you beat the sh** out of it? You just broke your own safe, stupid method unless whatever is in there is super valuable!

Lawrence Shraybman says:

the video cuts at less than a minute to break into this p(eice of shit). LMAO

Gravedigger says:

Tip: key lock was created to open the safe when batteries are death

Allistair Mcgrevy says:

Hey just thought I would share with you that my neighbor had his safe busted into and they found a hammer & chisel next to the safe and the door damaged exactly like yours in your video. Sure you are helping people who have legitimately had a safe failure but you are also showing criminals how to bust into safes. My neighbor lost everything, passport, jewellery and $3000 in cash she had saved up for over a year. Sure you might get a few people saying thanks but I think you should be ashamed of  what you are doing. You are obviously not a professional as a professional would never show their techniques to anyone. Its also possible you have a criminal conviction or could even be a Hells Angel Bikie. Think about what can happen when you share information on Youtube…whats next showing how to make explosives !!!!!!!!!!

Linda Gracie Gracy says:

What I a trying to figure out is how to CHANGE the battery, so that I don’t have to do this!

Nathan Trigg says:

Thank you YouTube l’am compiling a list of which safe not to buy, after just seeing my safe on YouTube being annihilated.

Angela G says:

Yay! I have just opened one of my jewellery safes that haa been looked for years.thank you.

Maggie Haigh says:

Thank you so much for this ! My elderly mother is going into Dementia & had forgotten the code & misplaced the key. We are pensioners also & had been quoted £70 to open it by a locksmith. You have saved us a lot of money & hassle ! Your post also confirms what a waste of space these things are ! Thank you again !

Yohanna de Young says:

00:58 watch closely, the screen moves a little, so he paused the video, unlocked it via the keypad, and then resumed the camera

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