KORDA TACKLE SAFE REVIEW 😀 – Join me as I take you through the Korda Tackle Safe, how good is it? #enjoy

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The Short Session Angler says:

Everything i need fits in an esp lead bag, leads tools hooks hooklinks all in. Stops me taking and more importantly stops me buying lots of crap i dont need. Very light keeps me mobile. Im not keen on hardcases as they are so limiting and wont fit in most bag pockets / bucket bags.

Brian Silver says:

Hi Leon I’m sure you done this review last year ,am I mistaken

Jimbob Richards says:

Another honest review. I too, like yourself bought both items for £40, I’m really pleased with both items and would recommend to anyone, definitely makes you cut down on some of the junk that we all accumulate in our tackle box’s.

Kevin VB says:

Its a good idea Leon but to expensive . Good review to mate.

Paul Butterworth says:

Just what I was thinking when I got one , I’ll never get all my crap in there, but it makes you stop taking all the rubbish you don’t need ,nice one leon

the margin basher says:

Another superb piece of kit from korda I have one and a couple of rig safes I don’t mind paying a bit more for quality. Another good review leon honest and to the point

david bell says:

great review leon mate jst went an got one

Oliver Queen says:

Why are people saying it is “expensive”? It is extremely well made, well thought out and not constructed from cheap materials. The materials used are infinitely better than what Nash, Fox, Chub, NGT, etc, etc, etc all use for their system boxes (which are also significantly bigger and hold similar amounts still)! £25 for a tackle storage solution that is going to last for a very long time is a bargain IMHO when you compare it to a single pouch from someone like Cotswold Aquarius at around a similar price (a couple of bits of material with a Union Flag label on it!!!). I was dubious about it myself when I first saw it advertised but on handling one, it was a no brainer really that it was going to be added to the kit. Do I carry any less tackle though? To be honest, no I don’t as it takes everything that I used to carry in separate packets in a much smaller, more convenient parcel that I don’t have to worry about opening in a gale force wind & chasing packets around the swim. When you consider that Korda have had to pay for the designing and the tooling of the item before they even sell one instead of rebranding something already available which has no design or tooling costs to recoup, £25 (shop selling price with at least 33% markup included there for the tackle shop which is more than Korda themselves probably make per unit!) is good value for money IMHO.

£15 for the Compac 140 though is a little steep for a welded EVA pouch, but that is similar price to all the other companies for virtually an identical product – it is not essential or absolutely required to use the actual TackleSafe.

I personally feel £600 on a Tempest V2 is extremely expensive compared to other shelters on the market which the Tempest copies the frame work of, but some people think it is worth that! I wonder how many people saying that the TackleSafe is expensive have several thousands of pounds of rods & reels sitting on £150 each buzzers & a £300 pod?

Dave Booth says:

Great honest review leon 🙂

Paul Mason says:

Another, good, honest review Leon, always look forward to these videos.

Graham Rowland says:

A great review Leon , i alway take to much stuff just incase . never use it

jos devisser says:

Thanks for the review Leon

icarp angler says:

Nice one Leon.

Robert Capewell says:

good and honest review thanks.

Blankey Carpers says:

Very helpful

WAYNE RS4 says:

I was unsure about this before buying one but it turned out to be a great bit of kit

TjDolHaus86 says:

Looks nice and well made but I just can’t get past the price when you can pick up perfectly decent compartment boxes for 1/5th of the price. Not all of my angling is carping so it’s just too specific for me, I need room for things like floats and disgorgers that just won’t fit with the way the box is designed

Barry says:

Another honest review mate. I Already own one and could not believe how much it helped me scale my gear down, very good if your a light and mobile angler.

Carl Gee Northwestern fishing. says:

Nice review Leon. It’s not that expensive in comparison with others.

Robert Smith says:

Just bought the tackle safe and Compac 140. Absolutely brilliant and frees up so much room in the tackle bag. Superb solution, and whilst it would be great if it were a tenner cheaper, I don’t begrudge the money I spent.

Robert Smith says:

Bought both items on the strength of this vid. Got to be honest, two of the best bits of kit I’ve ever bought. Have cut down on the amount of crap I now take with me, and have never been “caught short”. Also have a rig safe which is another great bit of tackle. Never been a massive Korda fan, but wouldn’t be without these three items now. Recommended.

Dominic Carter says:

Good honest review – so I guess that means there is more room for Mrs. B’s Food & Barney’s Treats in the bivvy now!! 😉

Mark 1 says:

Why do you have 4 chod tools? What else do you use them for? Just curiosity…

Carp Hunter97 says:

I’ve seen these in a few shops now they always catch my eye but when I pick them up I always end up putting them back I don’t really think I’d use it but looks amazing

Harvey Turner says:

Anyone thinking about getting one there on sale at angling direct £20

matthew radley says:

got one of these for xmas, nice little bit of kit for short sessions as it fits in a rucksack nice, if it wasn’t a present I wouldn’t of payed the 25 for it tho

redzed40 says:

nice one leon…brought one after your review…:)

Alphoenix gaming says:

Amazing. Vid once again

John Moorfield says:

Another helpful review. Thanks Leon

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