Liberty Safe- 18 Centurion Quick REVIEW!

Quick Review of the Liberty safe 18 centurion, I decided to do this quick video due to the lack of reviews on this safe. You Always want to buy a safe a little bigger than what you think you need to give you space to grow your collection and not end up with to small of a safe where something gets left out.


This safe is a very good quality entry level safe
The Price i got it for was est $549 + 110 for the electric lock, the safe feels very well built and it does not feel weak.

I also bought the door panel accessory witch was $90.- weight 366lb and you also have the option to bolt it to the floor.

The thickness of the steel is 14 Gauge (not very thick)

Military style plates instead of traditional bolts

Total door thickness is 4″ but only 1′ of true protection against a crow bar

This safe has a 30min/1200 degrees rating (witch is entry level)

H 59.5’/W 24.25’/22’rear to front

There are a lot of accessories for these safes.


Dana Reynolds says:

been looking at the models at gander mountain i believe they ar e12 gauge steel. not much diff. thanks for the video

MikePlaysIt says:


Sheepdog Sherlock says:

Does the bolt slide face down on these centurion models?

Owen Thomas says:

I deff wouldn’t post to the world that it’s not bolted down. If guy who knows who you are sees this he might get an idea. Esp of he knows you enough to know when you’re home at work etc. Deff get that bolted down. A few hours in a garage with tools can get any safe open eventually.
I did like the video though, I’m looking at this same one. Thanks man

Kevin Figueroa says:

great review !

firebirdude2 says:

SLIDE THE SAFE AGAINST THAT CORNER! Have the safe’s opening edge closest to the wall. That basically eliminates pry tools. Watch all the pry opening videos and you’ll see they’re using 4+ft prybars. If the wall is there, they ain’t using anything close to that. And as was said, BOLT IT TO THE FLOOR. Three guys could carry your whole safe away and work on it for days if need be.

Mario Mosin says:

Bolt down your safe, trust me its worth it.

Liberty Safe says:

Thanks for the review!

chillymanny714 says:

how much did it run you?

Tom Bonnell says:

Nice video. Bolt down your safe! Question? I have very few long guns. I need storage for my 6 handguns. and ammo. i am sure i will accrue move guns.
Would you still endorse this safe for a cat like me? Where do you live (good. bad. Chicago) Once again nice video.

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