Unboxing Video of Bunker Hill Safes Electronic Digital Safe

Hope you enjoy! This unboxing video features Legofinatic3756 and ScootMaster631. Links to their channels are below:






Tabby Hanay says:

Awesome 🙂

Rex says:

Great video…… reminds me of my little bro……. you guys are funny……I liked it.

TDNomad says:

The annoying kid talking & the other guy shhing him was entertaining.

Mae Rice says:

how to open the safe with the battery dead and you don’t have the key

human-v.2.0 dubstep-bull says:

how much you paid
for it

beyoutiful says:

Matt lol nice video and yea its NWRfreek

Robert Fugate says:

Thanks for informing me how to get out of the carboard box!

Dylan Horatschki says:

You guys are annoying lol

Ben Torres says:

Lol u guys fighting

SPCcranford1056 says:

You are certainly welcome! 🙂

Mateo Herron says:

if that was my brother I would’ve smacked him upside the damn head.

Jaden Dobrenski says:

Is scootmaster631 channel deleted? said it doesn’t exist

NoodleMan Editing says:

my bunker hill changed the code on itself can someone tell me how to change it back

firealarm2905 says:

How much did this cost?

julian rousset says:

If your gunna tell your brother to stop all the time why is he in the video

Jonny Walker 447 says:

tell your brother to sit back and relax next time..

Beastmodegameing 1818 says:

Y does he keep telling his broth to stop and be quiet. He’s a fucking fagot

AnneMarie Smith says:

Does anyone know what to do when the battery dies and it will not open and there is no key.

Kevin Strite says:

Matt’s brother: Have a little hole but it’s fine
Matt: Shhh


Ray Omnicron says:

Hahaha! That was amazing!

Cody Martin says:

I hope the one who keeps “shhhhh” gets his ass whipped. Enough already, ya dick!

SuperEASfan24 says:

awesome dude!

SPCcranford1056 says:

Thanks for watching!

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