[63] Tutorial – Chubb Fire safe – clever economy of design


Lock Noob says:

It of a confession, but I’d never really thought about how safe locks might work. It was a bit of an Aaaah! Moment when I saw how the 2 locking bolts detained the door bolts. Fun vid 🙂

Pin Pickers says:

Very Interesting mate cant wait for the other videos on this one

Banjaxified says:

Cracking video Michael. I’m looking forward to the “shitload” more you promised. I’m sure it will be the dog’s bollocks.

Bill Bacardi says:

That’s horrible why would you buy anything like that. ?

Tipene Nga Puhi says:

I found that interesting.


That safe I wouldn’t put nothing of any value in that. I been into safes most of my life. Key lock is mauer 7111. Its more of home safe. Great review. And thanks for showing us. Very interesting but I love safes anyways. Thanks

jpmarshall3 says:

Interesting, and a bargain to boot!

Don'z Lockz says:

I learnt that Chubb fire safes are pretty empty! lol. That gyprock must be some super dooper seriously insane proprietary “shut” lol 😉 Maybe the pharmasist stole it! Thnx for sharing 🙂

Pete Restall says:

Great video and a really interesting subject, looking forward to seeing update on the progress.

CasperJ says:

Really interesting video. Would love to learn safes eventually.

Rookie Lock says:

Hey Micheal, I just got a S&G 6741 and I’m looking to get started on manipulation. I am also working towards becoming a locksmith. Can you point me in the direction how you got stared? Do you have any videos on Safe manipulation, if not, do you know of any videos on the topic? Anyway sorry for all the questions, lol. Love what you do buddy, keep it up!

jwrm22 says:

The insurance value of a safe is interesting. When you put in more value than this value, none is insured.

Bronx-LockPicker60 says:

Thank You Michael for sharing!!!

Aalbert Torsius says:

Nice! Can’t wait for the next part in the series.

Boris Kozo says:

Wow, I can’t believe you got that for 46$! I am waiting for the video about that combination lock.

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