[756] Sentry Safe Cut in Half FAST!


bophi bop says:

buy a 1 million $ safe to store your 1 millio…

kenabi says:

4:02 Master Lock Company LLC. no wonder these things fail on almost all fronts.

Highway Robbery says:

Anybody looking to buy a safe I got one

Bob A says:

I am speechless. Send this to corporate immediately and see how they react! Can LPL be sued for any of these videos by corporate giants?? Just asking, I am not in the legal business.

Scrimjaw says:

Its made from fiberglass?

David S says:

The real thing about this safe is – eventually the bad guys die from asbestos they inhaled from it. Some of those Sentry products can opened by just dropping on a corner.

rocketman221projects says:

You could probably open it with a can opener. It doesn’t look much thicker than a tin can.


About the same sheetmetal thickness as my new gas tank I just installed

V6 Cosworth says:

defo contracted to Master Lock.

Mythus News says:

can you say “asbestos protection?”

Do R/C! says:

4:34 made by master lock. Makes sense.

MrcabooseVG says:

And they have the gall to call this a safe, people are being ripped off by these countries. A locked door is more secure than this sack of shit

bbnguyen92 says:

“Master Lock Company”

Yann Dupuis says:

its for fire safety ! Its why you can open like that and see isolant

MrFunkhauser says:

Is….is that saw dust?

Proclaimor says:

A safe deposit box at the bank would be a better option.

Simas4287 says:

This is why you never buy Master Lock products.

Jusb1066 says:

you could open that with the can opener tool from as swiss army knife

Baynewsvideo says:

I gotta get me one of those saws.

no name says:

A can opener would probably do the trick…

Rowan Martineau says:

Talk about demonitization now working right – I was treated to an ad for sentry safes while watching this :/

justin says:

These are more for keeping my kids away from my guns than protecting them from thieves

Five Finger Full Price says:

Why would any video creator record the sound of a saw, see the db meter at a constant red line as they edit the video and go “oh that’s perfect”.

discombubulate 2 says:

even quieter, 152mm hole saw and a cordless drill.

SavageGreywolf says:

I don’t know what I was expecting to see when you took a saw to that “safe”

but sawdust wasn’t it

Alexander Tompkins says:

I mean, i have a small lock box to hold passports and documents, but that’s honestly just to keep them in one spot and make sure (when i do have one) my kid doesn’t decide to play angry tsa agent at home and tear it up

marc G says:

Like butter

Tom H. says:

Burglars that carry power saws target luxury homes which have better safes hidden inside walls surrounded by state of the art security systems. 5 minute smash and grab guys won’t bother.

Gamblor says:

Well that’s no good.

Jason Richter says:

I am surprised they have not sued you for everything you own yet. Thanks for revealing the truth!

BestBroseph says:

cant say anyting about water or fire? justpour water on it, drop it in a fire and see if the p[aper inside burns. easier than the security tests.

also, most burglars arent going to waltz in and start fucking sawing away at your safe without causing suspicion, most might have a crowbar at best with them. and no matter how secure your safe is, they could just take the entire safe if its that size. and then take it to a garage to fully dissasemble it

Cody Avant says:

ah yes a safe made of a steel can, good idea

PrueferAuge says:

What? No flex-tape joke here?

Raul McCai says:

Just saw a guy open one of those with a big magnet. Took mere seconds. He claims this is a flaw in all that brand safes. I can sympathies with the need for gloves but lose ’em. A huge number of very serious moving cutter hand injuries ( power saws of various sorts) were caused entirely by the catch of a glove.

Mcgravier says:

When you said “circular saw” I tought you were talking about angle grinder…

Tobias Kolb says:

What the fuck was that shitty excuse of a “safe”?

Joe Heisler says:

Any recommendations on a fireproof document safe?

northshorepx says:


Callsign Vega says:

Not a safe, just a fire box.

Robert Chrisman says:

So, this is a *_fail_* safe…

Acg blah says:

Based on all these videos, its a clear case for banning ALL hardware tools 🙂

Callum Quigley says:

I remember watching a video where someone cut open a cooler, and it looked almost identical. At least with storing your valuables in a cooler its a bit more discrete.

king of random says:

1:52 RIP headphone users

colsonj75 says:

Flex tape can fix it. Flex tape fixed a boat sawed in half, why not a safe?

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