Best Safe for your Gold & Silver Bullion

My thoughts on choosing a Good Safe to protect your PM investments.


Summer Breeze says:

You know most people you are talking about who actually get robbed or have to sell their stack are people who have lived their life so badly that everything they have is declared Ill Gotten Gains based on old world dynamics or what most of you would call the worst Karma you could imagine…..

Ben M says:

I also own guard dogs so don’t think u will get in or out

Astrit Bushi says:

don’t put your hopes in gold, cuper

Berke Beenhouwer says:

How about the $5 wrench method ? ( A burglar threatens to crush your wife’s skull with a $5 wrench, unless you open your safe) A safe without a time lock is not “safe”.

Tral Faz says:

Tin cans

Jerry Contreras says:

yeah only $900

Cees Van Alff says:

This safe is easy to open, in Europe Insurance Companies will refuse the storage of valuables in a
TL15 safe.

Michael Lindsey says:

You have a nut and bolt coming up from the floor of the safe??? Are you sure you installed it correctly. Not a very good safe if you are bumping into a bolt with your metals.

T.K. says:

Hi Steady Stacker, any advice on a safe that’s both good for rifles and bullion?

ArkhonXIX says:

Ive been using a 900 pound Winchester 32 gun safe. Mines full of valuable collectables, firearms and my stack….and you would need a fucking crane to steal it. Would have to check if it’s tool resistant

BeHisLikeness says:

LOL… and when I need to go to Walmart for some groceries, tell me, how do I chip off a piece of the silver or gold to spend? LOL… You people who keep saying to save silver and gold bullion forget that it is NOT SPENDABLE…

Gollammeister says:

may i ask the brand name of the safe please

Silver Falkon says:

First Response!

Very good points all around!

J. Goin says:

Way too small for my monster boxes…

yebudds says:

Having a safe just advertises to a would be burglar where you keep your valuables. An old shoe box in the a closet should do the trick.

Khairul Nizam says:

you should store more gold than silver…i think your safe is more expensive than the metal inside..

Atul Agarwal says:

is the door reinforced with concrete ?

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