Breaking into a safe in 2 minutes

The Safe Keeper in Las Vegas, NV demonstrates how easy it is to break into a common home safe.


johnnykache1000 says:

I guess people just don’t understand that these types of safes are for FIRE PROTECTION ONLY! Sentry does not advertise them as security safes, and folks shouldn’t assume they are designed for that. These basically only have drywall (gypsum) in the walls, and are made from thin gauge metal. The gypsum is “hydrated”, which means it has water bonded in its molecular structure. As it’s exposed to the heat of a fire it actually begins to steam water out of it! The water evaporates, and by doing so absorbs heat, and that keeps the contents of the safe cooler than 1700’F for about an hour.

Because the gypsum is hydrated it makes the interior of the safe very humid – under certain conditions nearly as humid as a cigar humidor! It’s important you put anything valuable in a Tupperware-like container with a silica desiccant pack to avoid moisture damage.

If you want a real SECURITY SAFE you will need to spend at least a $1000, and be prepared to handle a 500+lb safe that will need to be bolted into concrete for maximum security. Look for a used one at a safe dealer and you can save a lot of money.

Some YouTuber says:

Soo break it okay

Roblox King - joshuakael says:

it’s actually 2 hours

vorkev1 says:

any standered house safe can be busted in less then 2 min with a good hammer and a good prybar you just have to use it right. I know I have busted safes safes with a 2 houre ratting in less then a min.


bolting it down gave you leverage not possible otherwise and safes are usually kept in small quarters like closets etc…you would have never had the room to manoeuvre like that.

Rayyan Maarouf says:

that is not very useful because don’t want to break my safe

Tony Lewis says:

I can open that safe with a magnet in less than 5 seconds.

Bhaltazhar says:

Thats a lot of trouble to go through for the average person may have some credit cards and maybe some petty cash.
You are now a felon for peanuts.

sabisch truepain says:

Bolting it down is how you broke in it

Eric Falk says:

I stopped someone who came to my house seeking to burglarize it. He came with a small “sports” backpack and nothing else. If you live in a suburban area in most cases most thieves will travel light and pick random homes to see if anyone is home. They typically aren’t arriving with large crow bars, power drills, or vans to haul stuff away. -However I am sure that does occur. The guy who came to my home had nothing on him, he was looking to make a quick entry “smash and grab” pack his little backpack then walk out …he didn’t want to look suspicious after the “get-away” and he certainly did not park a car anywhere near our home as he didn’t want his license being taken or for anything to look out of place (ie, a car that isn’t supposed to be there). -we have neighbors who notice things like that.

So couple things;
1) this safe weighs about 160lbs, …that right there will deter many thieves. How many are going to walk down the street carrying this thing? also, it will still be difficult to carry into your car or van had the thief arrived with one.

2) bolting this safe down and in a corner like a closet will make it much more difficult to break into as it will be difficult to get the proper leverage to pry it open as in this video.

2) W/o a crow bar its going to be much more difficult to get into this safe and take more time. In fact I think for the typical thief they wouldn’t be able to get into it if they arrived at your home like our burglar did (empty handed in anticipation of just grabbing stuff from drawers and going).

Pretty much all safes can be broken into with the right tools or knowledge. However a safe will help in many cases, -its a lot better than keeping valuables in drawers …as that is what most burglars are hoping for. If you have a camera setup w/ warning of intruder (these can be had for about $50 -look on Amazon) then you’ll have warning of an intruder and the safe should buy you plenty of time to come home or have police arrive.

A safe alone should not be the entire security system. But as a part of your security can work really well.

Stu Bowie says:

That’s not a safe its a fire resistant box

Jeff Glanstein says:

Stupid waste of time and waste of a safe. This safe was never designed to be burglar proof; its value is in fireproofing. With a very strong magnet I can open this type of safe in about ten seconds. And totally no damage to the safe.

Julius Coleman says:

1. Being bolted down made it easier 2. Safes a never in the open like that u would never have that much space 3. That safe is very cheaply made to much gap space and exposed hinges

jun morales says:

Of course it takes 2 minutes to break into. The safe is made by Sentry.

Brennan Doback says:

did you make this just to teach people how to steal other peoples shit? You didn’t even try to sell a better option or anything. Nice job giving assholes another tool to rip off decent people.

Czarny Rafauu says:

this way is faster than use payday 2 drill

tgp the people gaming says:

clickbait it took 2 minutes and 3 seconds

max penrose says:

bolting it down made it easyer lieer

whoodiestyle says:

just don’t keep anything valuable in a safe and hide the real goods elsewhere.

Daniel Weston says:

Safes keep friends out and just buys a little time for prepared thefts – very little time

Kate Eastin says:

You mean you decided to bolt it down to give yourself more leverage therefore making it easier…. Jeez

Sarah Detore says:

Anything is breakable

games i'm shit at says:

well i mean i have an 8″ diameter hole drill with a rig that could literally take the whole top of that safe out in roughly 1 minute so yea no need really.

John Smith says:

The anchors made it easier. You can’t lever a loose safe.

Marvin Guevara says:

dude you worked too much and for nothing I could get in to that safe within a minute and no tools need it

Joseph Martin says:

Get an earth magnet and put it on the front door right above the handle .you’ll have it open in 5 seconds with no dammage.

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