DO NOT BUY!!! Sentry Safe 1200 (Crime Prevention Series)

This “safe” is pure trash & you should absolutely not trust that it can or will safeguard your valuables.

In this video I not only show you what you are getting — I also will show you how quickly someone can break into one of these using nothing more than a screwdriver.

Do you own one? How do you like it?

Leave a comment below with YOUR thoughts on the Sentry Safe!

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Reese Garcia says:

Well you saved me 20 bucks, have you done a review on the safes sold at harbourfreight? If not you should I’d like to see how those hold up.

Craig Bates says:

Why don’t you do a heat test? it was designed to keep valuables safe in the event of a fire not from theft. SMH.

Nathan Waker says:

It literally has a handle on the top of it, its not made to protect your stuff against intruders just mostly fire and maybe kids

Brian Thompson says:

I have had one only for the fire rating. When I had a small fire, it did the job it was designed for. However because it melted to itself I did need a stronger hammer and chisel to open it. My documents were still perfectly viable and undamaged by fire and water. But that is the Only reason I had it.

David Beecroft says:

Hey bro – LOVE the chanel, love the videos! Would you please do a video using your cool testing equipment either confirming the usability or extolling the dangers of TORQUE LIMITING EXTENDERS? I’d LOVE to be able to hook up my 1/2 drive, 1,000 torque capable impact wrench to a 55 pound limiting extender and put the wheels back on my car without having to grab my torque wrench and do it ‘carefully’ when putting the wheels back on my Ferrari, but I JUST DO NOT TRUST those torque limiting extenders! Should I trust them or not? I’m pretty sure you and those cool machines you have for measuring torque can tell us all if we should trust those things or not. Thanks in advance!

Rich Oelke says:

that is a document fire box and they work very well for that not really a safe for keeping valuables in that are not important documents… I know somebody that had a fire box like this and kept their documents in it and the box was not in good shape outside but everything inside was good… so $20 can save you a lot of money protecting paperwork that can cost a lot of money to replace.

Pedro Bilt says:

How about a review of trusty cook vs snap On Hammers, I love my trusty cook hammers

Charlie Zellner says:

Sentry should be ashamed to have their name on that. I’ve owned several of their units and $20 wouldn’t cover the sales tax on them. Don’t they understand that one piece of crap will hurt future sales by ruining the brand?

rcairforceone says:

It would make a good decoy.

Joeak74 says:

Great decoy, and also a complete piece of shit.

AKADriver says:

0:57 I didn’t realize YouTube was so lucrative…

Calikov says:

Thats a FIRE SAFE to protect documents from FIRE not from PEOPLE

buggsyspam says:

I bought one years ago just for the fire rating. I hold no illusions about the “safe” part.

Texan Air says:

Can you please do a review on the Gear Neck stubby rachet!
Cant seem to find anything about it,and i have one and it works like a champ

gerekappo says:

I would ask for my money back if i was you.
Products like this sucks, saddly the market is full of them.

B Hendrickson says:

So it’s basically your money with a handle on it.

Christopher Nottle says:

What a turd lol

ichiban2point0 says:

Thanks for reviewing this. I was thinking of buying this a while ago.

Jusb1066 says:

any safe you can carry isnt a safe, its an easy pick for a thief

grrod88 says:

i got one for the fire protection aspect

Cody B says:

Looks like a waste of $20

tubehead204 says:

Congratulations on wasting $20. Sentry Safe is a BRAND. This is not designed to be a security box, despite the “security” emblem on the packaging, that should be obvious. These boxes do, however provide good thermal shielding in the event of a fire. Put your documents, passports and cash in one of these, then lock in a safe or secure cupboard of some sort and you are covered from fire and theft.

Bob D says:

Walmart sells screwdrivers for 68 cents?! I can buy 29 screwdrivers for $20 instead of that useless safe!

93sundance says:

maybe its to keep other family members out, put your dildo’s in it.

Alex Hayes says:

I have one that I got as a child. I never really intended it to be theft-proof. More as a place to store things that I wouldn’t want to lose in the event of a fire. I’d be interested to see if it really does provide protection from fire though.

weazel14ls says:

Did you ever do the review on the mac BWP151-M2 cordless impact? I’d be interested is seeing it. Thank you for your time.

Jeff Moss says:


dave daved says:

It’s 20 bucks. What the fuck u expect

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