Engpow Fireproof Home Security Bag Review

the bag cost $22 here is the purchase link


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Michael Mcreynolds says:

Yes it is definitely Fireproof that really was awesome to see my friend actual video thank you for sharing it with all of us you take care and have a wonderful day and I’ll see you at the next one awesome review

Ian Rice says:

You 2 are so adorable. But awesome tests and seems like a good lipo bag. Just curious how much?

Raymond Millwood says:

Regular hose should be good, still think I’d rather habe fireproof safe. Nice jib

Steve Dawson says:

I am not sure what to do on that video. I decided to flip a coin head’s like tales dislike . Here we go …….. heads.

Skipper Drones says:

Nice test

Agent Bertram says:

Yup! I wont be using one of those bags to store my paper money. Good test! Is it supposed to protect from LiPo battery combustion?
Try throwing it on a bonfire. That would be more like a house fire.

T HP says:

Paper burns at 451 degrees F…no matter what.

short cakey says:

cakey cakey cakey pew pew pew lol very awesome video!!

Canadian Drone Hub says:

Very nice test

GrampaKenCanada says:

Now put in the bag an old lipo battery, close the bag and bang the hell out of the battery with a hammer or the back of an ax until it catches fire and see what happens to the bag. If the lipo doesn’t burn through the bag then wow !!

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