Foloda Fireproof Document Safe Bag Put to the Test

This is my review, unboxing, and fireproof test of the Foloda Fireproof Document Bag, NON-ITCHY Fire Proof Water Resistant Storage Bag for Cash, Passport, Documents, Jewelry and Valuables (15″ x 11″,Silver) found at

I was really excited to get to try out this bag. Anything that I can put a flame too just sounds like fun. The first thing I wanted to try out, was to see if this bag was as fireproof as they said it was. I was able to get a flame up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for my test. Each of my tests left a flame on the same spot for around a minute. The flame did leave a scorch mark, and some discoloration to the bag, but the documents inside were left safe. In a few of the tests, the documents inside got some scorching to them on their bottom edges. I believe that this is due to the bottom of the bag. It only happened when a document was touching the bottom edge, and when the flame was directly on the edge as well. If the direct flame was on a different area of the bag, the document inside was left unharmed. So, if you use this bag, I would recommend tapping it after loading your documents into it, to make sure that the edges of the documents aren’t touching the curved bottom area. I also tested out the claim of being water resistant. After throwing some water on both sides of the bag, I saw the water beading up on the bag, like a waxed car. Upon checking the documents inside the bag, they were completely dry.

I was very happy with the final outcome of my tests. I do wish that the bottom edge protected a little better, but with my workaround of tapping it away from the edge of the bag, I think that it will be fine. My plan is to store my important documents in the bag, within my safe. Kind of a double protection. Also, in case of an emergency, I can open my safe, and grab the bag with everything in it. That was it’s a fast grab, and still being protected from flames and water.

If you would like to purchase, or to get more information on this fireproof and water resistant document bag by Foloda, go to to learn more.

bag provided by foloda for review

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Bruce C says:

How about putting it in a real fire that would burn all around the bag? This proves nothing as most fireproof bags would break at the seam and the top zipper. Plus a house fire is a lot hotter than a lighter.

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