Gun Safe Fire Rating Myths.

Is your traditional safe really secure?… fireproof?
Tom explains what UL listings and Fireproof ratings really mean.

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Will Brake says:

Liberty safes have a lifetime warranty on break in and fire

imathayne says:

So if I am wanting to fireproof a metal cabinet against fire I would ? A. just cut some sheet rock and line the inside like gun safe manufactures apparently do B. line it with rockwool C. or get a ceramic insulation blanket for insulating stoves and line it with that?

Heavy Metalworks says:

Where can i get one at?

Brandon Reed says:

i just dont understand 599 price tag

Mitch lol57 says:

Professional grade youtube videos with only 370 subs? I feel bad for you guys, the videos are very high quality.

Anthony Rodriguez says:

so for 600$ I get a really nice box I rather get a liberty centurion for that price and put it in a sport where you have to attack the door and not the sides or the back. This would be great! if the price was half of a good safe

MrMustang990 says:

Put your safe and a liberty safe in a fire and see how they do

boozebagbeefhole says:

Where is the video of you trying to put guns in the safe?

Kymarov9 says:

lol you’ve got to be kidding.

spencer cupit says:

again the liberty safe is not the same steel it is thicker, cut through it….your cabinet is what gauge? the liberty is what gauge? I almost bought your product but you are full of shit. tell me how you are not?

spencer cupit says:

you are saying you can get into the liberty safe about the same time as getting into your cabinet. put that in a vid.

Mario Mosin says:

I like some of your gun cages the government and my unit has quite a few of your products, but in regards to your claim about residential gun cabinets versus your $599 cabinet, I do not trust any cabinet which comes in pieces because there are never tight tolerances once you assemble it, there’s always gaps, also I do not see how your cabinet can protect my guns from a fire, you speak about UL ratings how about you place that information in your video or a link to the UL website and let the consumer figure this out themselves. I know Chinese safes or residential cabinets are not placed in the same level as a US made safe or residential cabinet. In regards to Liberty a company that’s been in business since 1988 would not claim fire ratings I don’t see how any American company could remain in business that long if there products didn’t work, not trying to take Liberty Safe side here but I’m a realist I’ve done my research and I find your cabinet to be well made but I really feel should come down to reality those of us who have done our research on residential cabinets know that your 14 gauge steel is thin and easy to pry, which means a fire would destroy those guns in a fire, if you want to make me a believer place your cabinet and have an independent rater conduct the fire test.

bullboo1 says:

Modern tools can open any safe in a few minutes not 15. 14 gauge steel is to thin for a gun safe you can get a better and the bottom line should be no less then 12 ga. You can buy a job box for less and get more storage cheaper. Come on be honest 14 ga..maybe for say a decoy gun safe..

rancor3n says:

Also, you should call up Liberty directly and ask to see if you cabinet can survive their oven like their safes can in a head to head.

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