Gun Safes Chinese vs. USA built 100 foot drop test A Chinese gun safe from a Big Box Store go’s up against a Liberty Franklin gun safe made in the USA. Both dropped 100 feet as a demo to Liberty’s Professional Safe Dealers across American.

Shot with a Flip cam (RIP)

Terry has some specs, if you just want to —

Specs, it is just mainly the physics of what we are going to try to do here. Dropping a hundred feet, it is approximately a hundred feet, gravity, the acceleration due to gravity, 33 feet per second or 9.2 meters per second, every second, translates into the impact velocity of about 64 miles per hour. The energy on impact, considering the safe is weighing about 850 pounds, is a little over 67,000 foot pounds of energy. Wow! That is the physics. That is a lot of energy.

We have done this before, and we kind of think we know what is going to happen. But, but it could all change in just a minute.

I am not sure you can stand far enough back!
The circle is getting wider and wider. That’s right!

You guys ready?

Everybody ready?


All right let her rip!

All right let us turn it over.

There you go!


Pry it open.

Shot with a Flip cam (RIP)


LyRoy Chan says:

And yet cars made in America sucks

Ram-n_dodge says:

I don’t always break into safes… but when i do i always use a crane.

John Hermesmeyer says:

You know if I ever plan to trow my safe out a 100 foot window or drive into it as 65 MPH ill buy American but if thats not a issue ill go with what I can afford

EVAN CUI says:

这个测试意义何在? 一个枪柜只要不被撬开,不被开锁,不被搬走就可以了。为何要从100英尺高摔下?难道偷枪的贼会2 。3个人搬着这个柜子,爬到一栋高建筑上往下摔吗?即使摔开门或摔不开门,里面的枪也都被震坏了。结果是一样的,枪坏了贼和主人都无法使用。这样的两个箱子成本和进货价明显不是一个数量级,也许市场价是一样。你们美国经销商把差价赚走了,你却告诉我中国的东西质量差??你是不是在搞笑?

Jake Wright says:

You don’t buy a safe that big to hold 1k of junk. The Contents are often worth 50-100k . So if the safe is $500 or $5000 it is irrelevant. You spend the money for better.

Greg Kline says:

Most correctly installed safes are bolted to a cement floor. First you have to pry it off the floor by breaking the anchoring bolt(s). Then, to get it open, just push the safe out the back door of the house that conveniently has a 100 foot cliff at the bottom of the steps.

whoz thatdude says:

buy korean safes they cant get anything that high up into the air 🙂

zamistro says:

What happens when you drop the word ‘goes’ from 100ft?

Steve Campbell says:

Have a liberty love it!

fatsackcat says:

this is a really cool idea on destorying the product but never compare it to others.

Naturenerd1000 says:

The Nokia is tougher than that.

Dan W says:

Seemed they were both equally ruined. The liberty could be easily finished off with some pry bars

Ronald Pham says:

What Americans are going to work for $3.75 an hour to make a $600.00 safe? I do agreed with several You Tubers here and let take a $600.00 safe from the US vs China. The test is BS. Let take a Toyota Tundra vs Ford Ranger or a F250 vs Tacoma. It is value vs cost.

John Richardson says:

This seems like a riddle.

if you need to break into a safe, and the only method you can use to get into it is a single drop from 100 foot crane, which safe would you rather target?

SmokeFan2014 says:

Quit buying Chinese garbage!! Invest in the American worker!!

Joe Beland says:

unaccurette test …

Avenging Angel says:

Cheap or not, a gun safe is better than none at all. Just make sure you bolt down the safe so no one takes the whole thing, or if not, add weights on them to make them very heavy.

Easyas123 says:

What was the brand name on the china safe?

stchman says:

I guess thieves with 100 foot cranes can break into anything.

Stringy Fingers says:

What does this prove? The whole point of the safes is to keep things locked away from people. Ok…………..So the Chinese one busted open and the USA did not. The only thing that this proves is that you’re going to need either King Kong or Superman to drop this from a hundred feet and break in to it. I don’t think any thief has a 100 foot crane handy. So Ill just with the more cheaper product.

21steveman says:

USA all the way baby

Gavlick Apthesycerski says:

Well that’s great when you are determining what will hold up when you throw a safe out of the tenth story of a building after you rob it and then run down and go with it only having one point of impact. Very scientific as well having completely different angles of impact good job.

Oakleyworld says:

give me the Chinese one, it’s much cheaper and ill take the risk of my burglar having a crane

I'm says:

That is some quality concrete parking lot

Saigaijin69 says:

One random Chinese safe against a safe from the company who’s doing the test…very scientific. If you want a cheap safe, then that’s the quality you get…nothing to do with where it’s made.

Taka Yama says:

Y’all boys done messed up some concrete.

I'm says:

I’m sure Chinese can make expensive quality products too
All you have to do is be willing to pay

Michael Theurer says:


mraustinl90 says:

I hate when my gun safe falls 100 feet and all my kids steal them out and satisfy liberals

noopdude1 says:

This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Energy is not measured in ft-lbs and acceleration due to gravity is approximately 9.81 m*s^-2 not 9.2

刁炸天 says:

well,chinese people dont have any guns

James1989 IA says:

If you want to test the quality of both, you have to hold other variables constant, such as price, volume.

MrHeepspo says:

Awesome! I’ve always been afraid of someone breaking into my house, hoisting my safe up 100′ in the air and dropping it on concrete… because that’s how they get into it, right?
All joking aside, China sucks.. simple as that.

Saul Lopez says:

I call bull when you don’t know that the force of gravity is 9.8 meter per second square so your math is completely wong. as wells as the unscientific way of doing this test. but a great way of smashing thing good job

Dan G says:

in the bottom half of the safe where it hit and crinkled you can see each individual spot weld every 6 inches

BodyCount says:

All the cartoons I’ve seen have been bullshit.

Lance Bikie says:

Pointless test. Why don’t you show us the material specification? You are probably using Chinese crappy steel box vs US zinc alloy box.

ComocosonoEWL says:

show us the inside to prove it wasn’t luck that the door stayed on. lol

Alfred Mayer says:

its not because they are chinese build. its because us salesmen are demanding cheap products. you get what youve been asking for. us products are as crappy as chinese products if the price is the same.

Cody Janssen says:

And here’s the difference between a $500 safe and a $5000 safe

hgfuhgvg says:

9.2 or 9.8??

Ken ibn Anak says:

So the lesson learned here is that both Kryptonians and Daxxamites (and probably Asgardians too) find Chines safes burst open with only one punch, while USA built safes may need two punches or a kick too.

gunnutmike says:

I couldn’t tell from the video if the liberty safe door was open or not after they turned it over. I heard someone say “try to open it”, but it was edited after that.

Yurishch says:

Hence the price: $5000 vs. $250 …

Mike D says:

Definitely better spend $5000 on the american made. You need a gun safe that will withstand a bomb in the event of a Luftwaffe air raid or when your kids play with the dynamite your wife gave you for christmas.

itsquick2 says:

Unrealistic comparison – mine is 4″” of the floor. Waste of time and money.

plainwornout3 says:

This video makes a valid point. I liked the demo.

荒野 says:

because you are a US safe company, so your result must show exactly what you want.

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