Harbor Freight Tools 59″ Executive safe by Bunker Hill

Harbor Freight Tools 59″ Executive safe by Bunker Hill. Its is described as a safe, but its basically a glorified security cabinet with a digital lock access. So I we will refer this as a “Security Cabinet aka RSC.” I dont have a safe and as a parent, I needed some added security.


One commenter asked about dead bolts on the hinge side. Unfortunately there is none. One reason why I call this a security cabinet. I have taken pictures of what the hinge placement and area looks like. As you can see, the hinges are not exposed from on the outside.



stock_glock says:

The upper bracket on the door needs to be removed. I took mine off. If the shelf were to fall the lip of the shelf will hook itself onto the lip of that door bracket and you will not be able to open the door.

Robert Barbour says:

I got my gun cabinet to keep kids away from my guns. so I do not need a great cabinet for any thing else.

Seth Manley says:

I know this video is old, but if I were you I would remove that reset button and place it away from the side! You can wiggle sheet metal in there and reset the combination code and then they just use your default combination code. Just saying.

TheSib says:

Very nicely done video. Short and to the point. I like how you anchored it to the wall too. (BTW, it looks good in your office. I figured I’d put mine in the unfinished area, but now I’m thinking I’ll put it in my home office too.) Thanks for taking the time to post this. I’m sold.

Florida Prepper says:

did it come with the gun rack?

sunswa1 says:

Hey there, I have one of these too, but you dont have to pry it open to get in. Make sure you affix a cap over top the reset button, because you can run a slimjim type piece of metal in the side to push in and reset the button to factory. (EASY) I protected mine with a simple cap over top so the metal bar cant press and reset it. lots of videos on reseting keypad to get in.

cnbsdad says:

Does/can the password reset button make contact with anterior items? Thanks for taking time with posting your video.

PCShogun says:

Harbor freight has them for $339 at regular price, $299 on sale. Do you think this would fit into a clothes closet?

Mario Mosin says:

I would use it just to store my ammo and range accessories not bad actually.

Ryan Leach says:

Too bad the locking mechanics is faulty the locking solenoid is so weak a simply quick firm tap on the top will open the lock, as it will disengage the solenoid which allows you to turn the knob to open the safe.

That being said the actual body of the safe is somewhat decent.

Dan says:

I watched this video years ago when i was looking for a safe. And while i went with a house brand safe from a gun store near me that they say is made by superior. Im very happy with it. But watching this video foday seems like it could be a great cheap option to move all my ammo out of my safe and into its own storage. Im taking half of my safe for ammo now and its grtting cramped. Thanks for the video and a new outlook.

mjcorp7652 says:

Your custom shelves looks awesome!  Here’s mine a bit simpler and removable. http://i.imgur.com/rOdONjR.jpg

TigerShark says:

i wonder if that key will work on other safes or just that one

John Saiz says:

what is the rack on the door used for

Trung Vu says:

I’m looking for a security cabinet now. Do you know long the batteries lasted?


I keep my keys in the safe and my guns in a hidden spot in the house in case someone wants to get into my safe.

cordelmar says:

Real solid CLAN,CLAN. Hey bud look at ( LockPickingLawyer chanel )

Ohio Outdoors says:

What does it matter if its approved by the doj or not?

Manuel Salgado says:

Do they sell shelves for it?

odaat86 says:

very good video bro, thank-you!

mobbology says:

Yes, they are concealed by the interior carpet. I used a nail to find the predrilled holes. Congrats on your Security Cabinet

a muuron says:

i replaced the metal shelving with wood that i covered with felt. 

Zachary Schroeder says:

This safe is awful! my grandfather ripped the keypad off the front of his bunker hill safe, so I figured out that all I needed to do to get it open, is push down the solenoid, and push the piece of metal across. with a crowbar and some knowledge of the internal workings, I could probably get this safe open in less than five minutes.

mobbology says:

and thats why we do not call this a safe. Thanks for viewing.

rzarectot7 says:

how did you get it inside

208E36GUY 208 Autowerke says:

very cheap made safe

luvfunk2 says:

Does it come pre-assembled ?

diametric says:

Very Nice Safe… That was the exact same price range I was looking in… You paid just $40 more than what the Stack On 18 gun cabinet is, and YOURS IS AN ACTUAL SAFE!!!!
You did really good man.

Eastern Rail Videos says:

Great Video!!!! Please check out my channel and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks

joshcb7 says:

Can 1 person move this into a house with a hand truck?

Uber You Tuber says:

what are the brackets on the door for?

mjcorp7652 says:

I bought the same one.  Ended up making a custom 3 tier simple shelving system on the bottom right of the safe ($7 investment of wood, building materials i already had).  Works awesome, with more real estate inside the safe now.

Chris Bonner says:

What the heck is the rack mounted to the inside of the door for? I got one of these and can’t figure out what you could possibly use it for, and it just seems to be in the way. There must be a use for it or they wouldn’t have put it there.

mobbology says:

I yet to figure out what those things are for. They get in the way when I close the door with my ammo boxes on the ground. Please share if you figure it out Thanks for viewing.

Nicholas S says:

Just picked one up for around 270 after the discount. You cant beat it.

Turok says:

I bought this today, stuck the correct key in, turned it to 9 o clock, and the key jammed itself in there. It’s completely stuck, won’t turn back to 12 o clock, and won’t come out. wiggled key back and forth until key broke off! Anxious to call HF early tomorrow morning and give me them an ear full. Lugging this safe home wasn’t easy, now I gotta take it back ?

mobbology says:

thats a great tip! Thank you

Andrew Mcknight says:

how long is your longest rifle in the safe?  

Hot Irr says:

Good video!

endzie says:

Did the safe come with that gun rack?

fightnuttube says:

I was curious if you ever got around to fabricating some new shelves to fill in the empty space?

mobbology says:

Update: I have outgrown this safe as the collection is getting larger. I will be in a market for a “Real Safe” and this will become a Ammo and reloading storage box. 

og nyck says:

How do you close the safe properly?

barstoolguru says:

it amazes me that people will store 3000.00 worth of guns and ammo in a 200.00 safe

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