How Easy it is Breaking Into Safe

Breaking into an common entry level safe is relativity easy you may need to consider alternative ways of protecting your firearms and valuables. Check out


Sonny Gunz says:

Bullshit… even a shitty safe has locking bolts all the way around the door. That safe would’ve opened with weak fart…

cee dee says:

Should have the big boy on the long bar.

Howard Huggins says:

Sure doesn’t inspire confidence in at least ONE brand of safe, does it?!?

Patriot Sleeper Cell says:

Why don’t they try the same while the safe is bolted to the floor and in a small space like a closet?

bartlebyscribe says:

One wonders how many thieves would opt for hoodies and pry bars over more subtle methods accessible to anyone with internet access. This video misrepresents the methods used by professional thieves as being brute force which runs counter to the helpfulness of such a PSA (hopefully more unsafe products are being promoted via this video). I agree with your conclusion for the most part, but take issue with the means by which you arrive at it.

rednecklowlife says:

I put my safe. In a safe. To keep it safe!!

TheGamingRogue says:

how would you even knock it over, not to mention bolts and the weight of the things inside. plus, knocking a safe down will probably be loud enough to alert neighbors,dogs,sleeping people,etc.

Deimos Cain says:

$10 Harbor Freight side grinder cuts Right Into expensive safes Too! Secure It brand safes will Show you how ! lol

MrSporkdude says:

or you could just cut the side of the safe off most safes only have 14 gauge walls the big door really only keeps honest people out

Sara Coats says:

My safe would never “crack” this easily. Big difference between 1 bolt and 12!!!!!!!

onereactor says:

Something tells me it was an inside job

RAY A says:

Yeah any safe if possible to break into given time. However, first you have to get through my alarm, dogs and remove the the bolted down safe and pray that I don’t arrive home with my 45 cal to take someone out! Just sayin.

Bo Bo says:

People in my neighborhood leave their garage doors open as they tinker around in the garage. There in plain sight is some guy casing the neighborhood to see.

Biker Boiy says:

Buy a crappy safe get a crappy build …………..So are you selling entry level safes then?

Would you make a video like this using a Chubb safe?

If one wants a good security then expect to pay $3000.00 plus for a good quality safe and BOLT it down! Only get what you pay for that is the rule of life.

Rodrigo Rangel Jr says:

Now can you try this while the safe is bolted to the ground and flat against a left wall?

Yotie Munoz says:

The scary music is awesome

Anthony DeNito says:

This is how you open a safe.

Drunk Anchorman says:

These are obvious prison criminals on their lunch break. For doing this little demonstration they probably got paid with a pack of cigarettes and some anal by the toughest guy in their prison. Ouch !!

Team Skovhugger says:

A safe is a illusion …
If a thif want to get into your safe , they will . Some how , some time .
Tell me how safe is your safe …? if a thif was pointing a gun on you or your famely ?
So the safest thing to do , is to keeper quite about it , if you do buy a safe and you do feel you have something to put in it …. think .

Martin Meaders says:

Nice to have a real big room to drop it and use long pry bars.

Seeter1000 says:

lol is this safe out of paper?

MC Studios AndreyPdotCom says:

on top of that safes are bolted down to concrete so they can’t tip it over so easily.

SB says:

I like the concept of placing the safe in a closet where they have to trigger an instant alarm aside from the all the entry alarms.Give the thief or thieves as little time as possible to crack it open before 911 shows up with an AR full of whoopazz.

Clarke Woodfin says:

considering this is a POS safe, it actually held up pretty well !

Will Mathieson says:

thieves use reciprocating saws and drills, cordless. With all the Utube vids they know exactly how to attack a UL listed safe.


Wow. I never realized how easily somebody could flip my safe over BACKWARD right THROUGH THE WALL ITS AGAINST and pry it open like that.

I’m going to get a “security door” right away. That way they only have to cut or knock a hole in the wall of that room and won’t risk hurting their backs flipping the safe over backward. Through the wall.

MP5 WORKS says:

This background music adds 1000 seriousness points to the whole thing -_-

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