How To Pick The Best Fireproof Safe For Home Use | Fire Safe Reviews & Tips – Choosing the best fireproof safe for home use can be a difficult decision considering there are so many brands, models and certifications to choose from. Unfortunately, many people purchase a home fire proof safe without fully understanding its capabilities, or lack thereof to protect valuables during a fire or other attacks.

In this short video, I’m going to reveal 3 things that you should consider before purchasing a large or small fireproof safe.

Tip #1 – The best fire resistant safe for your needs should be large enough to handle all of your valuables.

One problem many people run into when they purchase a fire safe is underestimating space they need to protect their stuff. Before you make a purchase, I suggest compiling all your items together to see how much protection space you actually need. Some common things you might keep in a home fireproof safe include: Money, business documents, identification papers, certificates, retirement info, pension records and vehicle registration papers.

Besides paper items you might want to invest in a good media fire safe to protect jewelry, collectables and electronic devices. Don’t forget that you’ll probably acquire more valuables and important documents in the future so don’t choose a fire proof safe that will end up being too small.

Tip #2 – The best fireproof safe for home use will protect your valuables long enough for help to arrive.

If a fire was to break out at your residence, it’s probably going to be at least 15 minutes before help arrives and it could take hours for a potential fire to be disposed of. These are factors you want to consider when deciding how long your valuables are going to need fire protection.

When conducting fireproof safe reviews, it’s important that you pay attention to the safes fire rating and classification. This classification will tell you how long the contents in your safe can withstand the heat from a fire. Class A safes can protect paper media up to 4 hours, Class B up to 2 hours and Class C up to 1 hour. I would suggest not purchasing a safe unless it has at least a Class C rating. If the safe you’re reviewing doesn’t mention its fire classification than steer clear and look for a better option.

Tip #3 – A good fireproof safe for home use will also protect against other threats.

Many people are so fixated on saving their valuables from fire that they forget about the other threats your stuff might need protection from. Besides seeking out just a fire resistant safe, I suggest finding one that will also stand up against burglary and even water damage. In today’s marketplace there are many multifunctional fireproof waterproof safes that are built to protect against all three of these elements and provide adequate protection from multiple threats.

In closing, a top rated fire safe should be large enough for your valuables, provide adequate fire protection and possibly protect against other threats like burglary and flood.

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