Install a Hidden Wall Safe

In this video, Mike from The Geek Pub installs a hidden wall safe that can be used to help keep the burglars at bay.

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Phaymanou Sengvilay says:

Thanks for the video. I ran into the exact problem and used your methods.

Matthew Russo says:

Great video! I appreciate you showing us the issue you ran into and how you got around it. Sometimes I feel like the only person that ever hits hurdles with simple projects. Thank you!

Scott Berry says:

just working on installing a wall safe and found my studs were not 16″ on center. NEVER thought about my oscillating saw! I kept thinking about using my circular saw and the mess it would make. You are a life saver!

Tom says:

Why do Americans always have those cheap walls, you can easily cut true them..

worlds best says:

If i wanted the safe i would grab a sabor saw and take part of the studs with me

Shannon Fargo says:

“That’s the combination to my luggage!”

Don Hindman says:

I agree basically this is a lockbox. I will add the best way to secure items at home is to disguise them or the container so a person in a hurry just keeps moving. Having this box in a Utility room with the open door covering it is PERFECT! Great job adjusting the stud opening. Don H

Michael Lawing says:

Great overview, especially with having to patch the stud. I think you’re absolutely right about the burglars being in a hurry – our last house was broken into and while they got our computers and attempted to get a tv, they were simply too hasty and missed firearms and camera gear that were slightly out of view.

Maui 777 says:

Great information. Nice job showing the detail. Thank you!!

Scientist SanTa says:

love the shirt!!

Loke says:

Very useful. Thanks!

silversurfer49 says:

I noticed that for my preference the door opened the wrong way for this application. Not a big deal I know, but is it available hinged either way?

NES 83’ says:

Nice idea. Thanks for sharing this.

sandhyarani nimmana says:


Matt Diresta says:

nice! gotta love the oscillating tool! always comes in handy at the right times!

luis _ says:

I like that you include the disclaimer, a serious criminal would surely just destroy your wall but there would be pretty much no reason why a serious criminal would even be targeting you anyway.

James Bly says:

Always make sure a wall isn’t load bearing before you take out a stud. One sure fire way to really mess up your house.

Rafael Diaz says:

Great recovery with the stud and additional wood work. You are right these lock boxes are light weight and used for just keeping things away from sight. Great Vid!

Sebastian Quinonez says:

What’s the difference between this one and the 7725, the black one, I have darker walls

Angel Luis Trinidad says:

That safe is a nice place to store my pot, so my grandkids cant get to it.

ftecconn says:

Hey Dude. Been Watching alot of wall safe vids This rainy afternoon. Yours is about the Best. Thanks for taking the time To post !.

tcntad87 says:

“Hidden” but nice work

Jack Johnson says:

Fantastic save! Love your work!

Hello says:

How have I only just found this channel now

blackemmons says:

Thanks for the info. Interesting. JimE

Ben Simpson says:

Just watched your network rack video, you really need to find those impact bits 🙂

Tech Ventions says:

u can stick an envelope below the area ur cutting so that it will collect the dust the next time

Sathalana says:

Definitely true about it not keeping serious criminals out, luckily 99% of all home burglaries are opportunistic, normally just someone with no tools at all who sees an open window.

Chewligan says:

Hidden ? I can see it from here !!

Techy Techerson says:

Nice clean job!

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