Mrgunsngear Reviews Liberty Safe Fatboy Jr. |

In this video Mrgunsngear​ reviewed a Liberty Safe Fatboy Jr.

Mrgunsngear reviews guns, optics, accessories and now safes. His reviews are his own and based on his own experience. Liberty Safe​ did not influence his review.

Here are some specs on the Fatboy Jr.

You’ll also find security features on FATBOY Jr. that you won’t find on other brands, including UL Listed locks, multiple locking bolts, quality door panel, composite door, 4-way locking bolts and re-locking devices to deter forced entry. Fire protection is even upgraded with 80,000 BTUs and an extra layer in the ceiling and door, for a 60-minute fire rating. The 11-gauge, 2-piece body makes the Fatboy Jr. the toughest safe for the size and price.

• Includes Liberty’s 60-minute fire package @1200°F or 83,000 BTUs, which is more fire board than the competition!
• Three layers on the ceiling, door jambs and door with two layers on the walls
• Palusol heat-expanding seal included on all models, expanding up to 7 times its size in a fire at 212°F. Don’t settle for inferior door seals used on cheaper safes.

• The FATBOY Jr. has been awarded UL Residential Security Container burglary classification
• Thicker 11 gauge steel makes it really tough and heavy!
• Triple case hardened steel plates protect lock from drill attack
• Defensive barrier of TWELVE total bolts on all four sides of the door
• Cam-drive bolt locking mechanism with slip clutch handle
• UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock
• Weight: 760 lbs.

• Durable textured black finish with satin chrome hardware with new 3-point SURETIGHT handle
• Upholstered Collector interior with Double Sportsman Rack in gray fabric. Holds up to 48 long guns! (Gun capacity may vary depending upon size of guns and scopes mounted).
• Interior Dimensions: 56.5″ H x 38″ W x 14.5″ D

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Road Glide says:

Liberty should have known about correct packing their product for shipment so a lock of all things doesn’t get compromised. An easy fix at Liberty. Thanks for posting. Enjoy the safe.

Crazy Ant says:

Awesome review. This is exactly what I wanted to know about the Fatboy Jr. Much appreciated.

Bryson Wilkinson says:

1699… well then

schwarzblatt says:

One alternative to bolting a safe I’ve used are weights. Toss several hundred pounds on the floor of the safe and no group of burglars will be taking it away.

Matt C says:

great review,,,I’m getting same safe next week, ,it’s a grey finish can’t wait

khem1230 says:

I got a Liberty Fat Boy Jr as well after much research. So glad I did.

Amazed about how many people bought electronic entry pads. Electronic entry is nice, but can and will fail by corrosion or other means–just google and read the reviews. Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer–until the manufacturer goes out of business or the unit is a discontinued model? What happens in 10 or 15 years down the road? Today’s gun safes are made by smart engineers that don’t think like unforgiving burglars. When burglars broke into my car–they weren’t forgiving and neither will they be when they break into your house or attempt to crack your safe. The electronic keypad entry (brains) is connected to the functional safe (body) by a small wire–burglars can pull this wire and you have an expensive and nice 800-1,000 lb garage/room decor–especially if the wire is disconnected inside the safe. Cost to you? A $350 locksmith bill. Burglars can’t get access in and neither can you or the manufacturer. Engineers must come up with a second entry access. Until then, don’t buy electronic entry locks that can and will fail. Buy a traditional dial combination with key lock safe like the above.

Eisen Heim says:

Aint nobody coming through that door lol


What kind of mic did you use? It sounds great!

tank2449 says:

man you need to level that safe out the door should not swing open like that

Nery Moreira says:

thanks for the video .After watching your video i went and bought the same safe .To avoid rust and scratches how do i store and protect them from scratches ? i have mainly ar 15s and aks

SirJu87STUKA says:

Just ordered mine, can’t wait to get it.

Toophless One says:

Great review. Liberty isn’t too far away and I think I’ll pay them a visit this week

yunus buffins says:

My question is how did you fit that in your mustang

Kerry Dunning says:

Do you have to drill to access the electrical hole???

Mrgunsngear Channel says:

Thanks for sharing

samtu78 says:

so it has a safe classification? what is the classification?

Twentytwo Tenex says:

Thanks, Great review.

Jack Box says:

good video, 11 GA steel seems so thin, 🙁

Mario Mosin says:

I’m a big fan of MrGunsngear channel great guy, and I really love the Liberty Safe, saving up for one, but seems like most people reviews on Liberty Safe is right on the money, great safe and great American company.

whatevahxj says:

Great review! I’ve watched a lot of safe review videos this year in the course of purchasing my own Liberty safe and you’ve gone into much more detail than any of them.

Greg Lee says:

I purchased a Colonial 50 on lay away, and will receive it in 3 weeks. Got a really good deal at our local sporting goods store that is a distributor for Liberty safes. I’m looking forward to getting it, the one question I have is the bolt down kit good for concrete, cause I am putting it in my basement and was wondering if I needed different anchors for it? Awesome review…

Anthony Robinson says:

Being that you PROUDLY displayed a Hi-Point, I’m on board with whatever your review was going to be. Honestly I wish that I had the space for that size but I will get the size,that will work for me. Nice review

300 blAKout says:

I want the bigger liberty fatboy so bad I can taste it, but i can barely afford the price of a fatboy jr.!! I just may have to look into financing options!

dm66nova2 says:

Have you tried liberty rifle rods? they work great when you have a lot of long guns and you don’t want them to touch. I have a liberty Lincoln thirty and with rifle rods I have 17 long guns on one side 10 with scopes and still have room for 2 more guns.

BG671 says:

was going to buy a fatboy jr because of this exact review, but i went with the fatboy instead for the little more features and i LOVE it. Did a quick review on it, hopefully my video puts more of these awesome safes in peoples homes. Best bang for your buck!

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