New Sentry Electronic Fire Safe Opened in Seconds with No Sign of Entry Video

New Sentry Electronic Fire Safe Opened in Seconds with No Sign of Entry Video. For further info go to

Forbes: “This Popular Fire Safe Can Be Opened In About One Second”

Marc Tobias and Terry Whin-Yates open a locked Sentry Fire Safe in seconds with a Rare Earth Magnet.

No sign of entry of damage.

This is a Sentry Fire Safe and not a Burglary safe.

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Mau F says:

Sentry should fix this embarrassment and proactively replace every customer safe [free of charge] affected by this design flaw.

DeadDylan says:

What was that magnet name again? Hahahahahhaahhahhahhahahhaha

serina dexter says:


jesus varela says:

so is the mechanical version better

Ken _ says:

No one said to put valuables in this type of safe. It’s just to keep your papers from burning up. People better get smart on what these are designed for.

Dave Joseph says:

No excuse for a stupid design.

Blackdog4818 says:

Has this been fixed by the company?

Dave W says:

use a servo….problem solved

Hen Sum says:

Hi Mr.Locksmith, would your magnet solution work on Sentry safe that has both the lock and the electronic key pad?

merch marine says:

Canada is my favorite State !!!

FarmerBill says:

any suggestions on a affordable water/fire/magnet proof safe? or at least the best bang for your buck?

Rafael Diaz says:

This informative video is providing the consumer a clear “disclosure” of what minimal effort it takes to access the contents of this perceived “safe” box. It’s amazing how many get upset about exposing the vulnerabilities to their so called fireboxes/safes. However, once they lose their precious family heirlooms, documents, jewelry, guns etc.. THEN they say.. “wish I had known”. Well HERE is your wake up call. Excellent Video.

John Norris says:

You mentioned you can get the magnets for as low as $15? Where?

Cristina Matthews says:

What is the factory reset code for this model. I just bought one from a thrift store.

sobolady8397 says:

I just started thinking of how many people have piece of mind and think no one can get to their valuables…when the truth is anyone, absolutely ANYONE!!!!…! Can get in the safe, anytime they want to. That truly makes me sad. It’s true when they say,” NOTHING IS SAFE ANYMORE!”

son huynh says:

This is a consumer education. Dont blame them, blame the safe maker and its vendor who want your money

Phil Whisenant says:

Junkyard stuff

Wilson Brad says:

how strong a magnet is needed?

Hayes Medlin says:

Let me just shit out a big ass magnet to get my damn check book ou lol..


Under Ohio law, you would be liable if a kid opened a Sentry safe using your method and shot themselves. You guys are all about lining your pockets. I cannot believe we protect you with our military so you can have medical care. You guys are irresponsible and I now will actively look for any accidents because of your videos. We will extradite said person and prosecute as you have opened a Pandoras Box.

Noel E says:

175lbs?? Uh, it weighs 86lbs. Quite a difference


I have been doing this for the past 20 years never buy or use this safe for any valuables only fire proof. Earth magnets can be ordered online for 20$ .
I do not condone or promote any illegal activities this is only for educational purposes. The safe is a joke and buyer be Ware.

Kent Hoyt says:

There should be two solinoids that move pins in opposite directions (both as shown here, and in the reverse direction) so that a magnet wouldn’t work. That innovation wouldn’t add much to the cost of the safe.

pinky lee says:

bet you cant open my Winchester safe!

Douglas Schreiber says:

So, all the company has to do is make that arm not magnetic. Perhaps hard plastic?
You would think they might think of that.

Stew Danko says:

So all a thief needs to do is get a hand truck and steal the whole safe. ROTFLMAO.

Steve Walker says:

Do the batteries in the safe have to be charged for the magnet trick to work?

John Norris says:

if the sentry safe also has the tubular key lock under the handle, will this method still work?

BadRonald1 says:

The guy is using the same safe as he used in his other video Why ? Use another safe

Q A says:

So this is an electronic safe. Can you also open a combination locked safe as easliy? If so, the safe is pretty useless when someone has a magnet. What about the fire rating and waterproof capabilities the safe has. If those arent useless then the safe is prepared to keep items safe in case of a fire…etc

Phil Whisenant says:

Junkyard stuff

apogeus2 says:

some1 just went out of business

The MadMarker says:

I love pet birds. But not when making a video. Please put the distracting element in a different room while recording future videos and I GUARANTEE more subs. GUARANTEE. Even with the squawking bird, I almost subscribed. Great video and channel. Sans cluck.

Jerkster says:

Instructional video for chriminals

Paco Cook says:

hi, I have a Sentry S3871, I have the keys, they work fine, I have both electronic codes my personal code and the factory code, but the electronic Is jammed, i dont want to force break it, please help!

Tony Williams says:

now every crack-head knows. yes you know how and now everyone else does.

Whale Driver says:

So here is a thought.  Why doesn’t the manufacturer simply flip the solenoid?  So the pin moves IN to unlock and out to lock.  I believe that would kill this attack.

Trevor Hutcheson says:

Thanks for showing people how to open my safe

Dale Fleming says:

Terry why do you feel that you are entitled to post this information on the net? As a locksmith you should have better ethics!

Fernando Pondelick says:

Thanks ruined it

Shaun Baker says:

Wires? What colors for cylinoid n can I jump with 9v

Aron says:

I have an older model and it doesn’t work.

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