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illustriouslaz says:

To those asking what model this safe is I believe its Stack On model FS-14-MB-E, its a 14 gun safe usually going for $400 but I guess with some sales, especially Black Friday, you might be able to get it for $300.

TheNorthofcali says:

Fuk u and your addz

TactiCali Industries says:

+Munitions Man I understand that but it isn’t yours or my ammo. I am going off what he feels, if he’s not too worried about it why in the heck would you or me or anyone else be when we dont even know him? Lol that makes no sense to me. I understand if your trying to help out someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing but he does and he is fine with the way things are so everyone should just let him be.

P NIG says:

My safe weighs like 1000lbs empty lol. took 4 guys and 2 dolly’s to move the damn thing in.

HollowPoint762x39 says:

Ok why do you have posters of criminals on your wall?


stack-on is known for making horrible, crappy, worthless safes

Boomer Taylor says:

The one thing people don’t think about is… A gun safe can be cheaper to a point… It’s locked and, if mounted right, stops people from just walking away with your guns unless they have tools and time, not the case for most home invaders. And most upstairs safes can’t be too heavy anyway.
HOWEVER… Ammo needs to be in a “real” safe, heavy, fire and sledge hammer proof. It’s easy to have more in ammo for a gun than the gun costs it’s self. If it is stolen or the house burns and it starts torching off, your done.
If you have to make a choice, put your money in a high dollar ammo safe and spend less on the gun safe, not that you shouldn’t get the best you can afford. But many people can’t have two expensive, commercial grade safes.
My ammo safe is 400lbs if it’s an ounce and it’s not that big, under 5′ tall. But it’s a tank. My gun safe, is sufficient but not the same quality. I’m on a limited income and do what I can but the most important thing… I HAVE a gun safe and a cheap one is far better than none at all.


where can I get one of those knives?

TactiCali Industries says:

I am still young but one thing I have really had to learn and continue to learn is to stop pushing my way of things on other people, if thats how they want it than let it be. If they like Glock and I don’t than oh well, if they like 40caliber and I prefer 9mm and they shoot well with it than let them be happy with it. If its something that needs to be brought up or if their was like a huge problem he was missing about his safe than feel free to tell him but besides that let the man do it how he wants! Lol

Kustom Hooligans says:

They need to sell a storage cabinet/safe specifically for ammo thats large on the inside with enough security that will deter people from messing with it but with the primary feature of having it fire and heat resistant. An actually safe is overkill for ammo storage and some people (not saying who) have no much damn ammo that it doesn’t matter how many refrigerator size safes they have, it wont all fit. I have a 56 gun safe I keep my expensive match and self defense ammo in thats 50 inches tall, 44 inches wide and 32 inches deep and I think I can MAYBE fit 6k rounds of .308, 2500 rounds of 7.62X39 and 8k rounds of 5.56, then 1 shelf is dedicated carry ammo with another 4 shelves being all match ammo. It was $799 and I feel it was such overkill and a waste of money. I would be happier with a 10 gauge steel cabinet lines with 3/4″ drywall to keep it fire resistant.

SpliffSized says:

a safe like that where I live would cost atleast 2000

Martin Cruz says:

i have a fort knox safe its does its job…

God, Guns & Gears says:

Fantastic value! I bought the same unit at BJ’s for $329 and three months later they had a $70 instant rebate. Went to the customer service desk and they refunded me the $70…even better. I made a few mods so that it would fit my rifles as well and re-carpeted the whole interior. I did a video on 12/16…check it out.

John Smith says:

I need a way bigger safe for my ammo.

Christopher Taylor says:

Hello Mr “collector”. I assume your ammo safe has a hole on the bottom for electrical lines for lights and a dehumidifier. That is where flood water will enter your safe and destroy all your very valuable bullet supply. Just like in Texas and Florida hurricanes. Try using metal cans with rubber seals.

cjf334 says:

You want a real safe go to wilson safe on island ave in philly these things r toys compared to what they sell

Mike MNM says:

Now all you need to do, is feel it up with some hollow points.

Isaiah Richards says:

Fyi, Put the speed on 1.25.
Thank me later

ViiRaL ShOtz says:

Yes I understand

Munitions Man says:

Even if its full you should still bolt it down. 2 or 3 guys could get that safe on its back. Once you get the safe on its back you can attack the safe door from above with various tools. You have more leverage that way. There are a few videos on youtube that show how even the heaviest safes are vulnerable if flipped on there back.

Bisaya Power says:


John Reutter says:

First of all 98% of your ammo want go off in a fire/second if thats all you got in ammo a safe is wasted money store in your extra closet

John Smith says:

Ok, someone tell me why the fuck it’s so important to have .22? I’m not talk about supply, but rather why is it important to have a .22 rifle/gun? If SHTF, I’m not taking any .22 weapons. 9/45/308 is what’s going with me. And just with that, it’s going to be heavy as shit.

Jon Smith says:

How are you going to open that when the emp hits?

Chadster357 says:

Goddamn….more commercials than an NFL game on CBS

Gene Smay says:

3 minutes with a pry bar and a sledge and that door will pop open. Exterior hinges are the worst thing on a safe…

Paul LaRocque says:

What was the exact model number, do you know?

Amado Lara says:

What’s the model # to this? anyone?

chris2crazzy says:

Yeah I like a safe with hinges on the outside….drop the pins and easy entrance

mnpyton says:

To many damn adds..

Josue Guzman says:

My ocd hurts lol i hate buying different brands if it wont stack nicely

Chester Puffington says:


Spartan08 says:

Are you kidding me with these 5 commercial breaks on these videos? Jesus man relax a little on the monetizing

Bo Sexton says:

dude, if a fire goes on at your house, youll have alot of popping but ammo doesnt do shit unless there is compression around the casing like that of a barrel… without it, it just pops out of the case a few inches and does nothing.

Hans S. says:

Just a FYI, loaded ammo does not pose a significant fire hazard.

Charles Jacques says:

My Winchester Series 20 (60x20x18) was on sale at Bass Pro for $399 plus cost to deliver. Hate the combo lock big pain to open, so I want to replace it with an easy digital one (+$300).

CHRIS L says:

Hey man….do yourself a BIG favor, take out all ammo.Then bolt up the safe man..someone can just walk away with it.

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