Sentry Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe Review. Model QAP1BE

Sentry Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe Review. Model QAP1BE.


John Donaldson says:

We have one. Open with key, buttons, or fingerprints. We are very pleased and impressed how well the bio sensor works every time.

Ours is bolted to our heavy headboard.

Great product.

Anthony Oleson says:

I’m sold.

Joel Alexander says:

After a long wait, I finally got one on sale again for $129. VERY Happy with this safe !
Thanks again for the great review 🙂

Jeff Winick says:

Am returning the unit I have and reordering. I’ll advise after receipt and attempts to program. Thanks

age509murda says:

I have a QAP1BE model, the light is flashing red non stop evrey 10 seconds and the cover doesn’t pull up when I use either fingerprint or digital code… Need help please

Chaindrive Sumner says:

excellent review and love the follow ups on the comments you sir are a professional!

m00nchildblues says:

Been bout 5 years now and lately when i open the safe with my finger it only opens a 1/4″ and thats it.before it use to open at least 3″ up but lately i have to pry it open with my finger nail.any thoughts? Thanks

Trey Hair says:

Just received mine. I used flush head bolts and mounted it into a hidden drawer. Can’t seem to be satisfied with where to keep the key though. Seems that nowhere is good enough.

WhosPacci says:

Just bought one from amazon, Very help review / explanation. Excited to receive mine tomorrow, Thank you.

Jordan M says:

Does this have the ability to mount on a wall or floor ?

22neohenry says:

Can you disable the keypad and use only the biometric scanner

Larry Kort says:

Thanks bud. I was having problems programming it but this video got me there.

Denise Renee says:

very nice indeed, will be investigating this at the store. Thanks for the email and heads up!

m00nchildblues says:

got mine today from for 139.00 on sale, killer deal.  Anyways, was hoping it came with an ac adapter and/or an idea of how long batteries would last with say duracell or even a 10 yr lithium batteries. Quick access and my wife and I love it, no guess on push button numbers, especially if your heart is pounding 100 mph from hearing your door or window being broken 3am!  Thanks for the review. Oh wonder how much for extra keys?

EnVision says:

not sure if i missed it but how is the battery life? how often should the battery be changed? also is there a warning when they start to die?

prodigy2k7 says:

Any idea how long the batteries last?

Evan Windom says:

Thanks for the thorough walk-through of the usage.  Do you know if it has a port for a cable lock?

Chris And The FAMILY says:

great instructions!!!!

DonnyW says:

Great review. I just ordered one from Dicks. I do wish they would add a DC adapter.

Niko Andreopolos says:

Once again. Great review. Thanks ☺

Len Pavia says:

How does the unit work when you have the battery pack removed?

B.C. Cooper says:

your instructions are so much better than reading that manual.

Paul C says:

Do you know if you can add a DC adapter on the 9V instead of using AA batteries?  I checked on Amazon, which is the item called HQRP 9V Battery Snap Connector and AC Adapter for 9-Volt / Radio / Square / 6LR61 / 7.2H5 / 6KR61 / 6HR61 / PP3 / MN1604 Clip Holder Cable Power Supply Cord + Euro Plug Adapter.    Not sure if you can use it in place of using batteries.   If you never test that theory, can you please test it?  Thanks

Pablo Hernández says:

Do you think a Sig Sauer P226R will fit in there?

blown528hemi says:

Just got my QAP1BE today.  I looked into many other quick access pistol safes, but your comprehensive review sealed the deal for me to buy this product.  Thanks!!

maguintu says:

Great Video.  Mine came yesterday!  This video was all I needed to be convinced it was the right choice. 

Rock Chops says:

Where’s it made?

Jeff Winick says:

I can change the digital code, but trying to change to fingerprint is giving me a fit. It seems like the scanner is dead. I’m being told by customer service that I can use either digital or biometric, but not both. How can I change to the print scanner? Thanks very much.

Chris And The FAMILY says:


dreamcastdre says:

Awesome in-depth review!  I’m sold on this safe!  Gonna order it this coming Friday from Amazon.

Acuravigor47 says:

I bought this exact safe from Costco today for 129.99 sadly the keys did not unlock and open the safe at all. So sadly I needed to return it the same day. I really wanted this to work.

A S says:

How secure is it? Can the lid easily be pried open? Would you trust it with kids running around the house?

Roberts Firearms says:

Will it fit a standard Government 5″ 1911?

Hippie Nation says:


Dustin Valdez says:

Hello @ghostses thanks for the review.  Just bought my first handgun, and came across this video while looking for a safe for my gun.  Seems pretty awesome.  I know Sentry sent this to you, so I’m assuming at the time you didn’t own this.  Just wondering if you do own this now, and if you would recommend it?  Have you had any issues with it?  Thanks!

Lee M says:

Just locked my keys in the safe as I was trying to put the batteries in! Now I have no way of getting into it. what can I do to open it?

Troy Smothers says:

Amazing review much easier than reading the manual. $129 from Costco. Love the save everything is working perfectly. Great idea about the vehicle.

J. K. says:

Helped so much! Thanks!

Gerardo Calzada says:

Great video.

Liz Wynaco says:

ps him a double holster 6 gun cap gun set..he likes his guns!!

Joel Alexander says:

Im sold 🙂

Anthony Oleson says:

Very good video as well you just earned a sub

Liz Wynaco says:

very articulate. nice demo.

JZ says:

seems like a great product definitely thinking about picking it up but do you have to reprogram the fingerprints when you replace the batteries?

Matthew Fleischer says:

What does it mean when the safe door will no longer lock? I just got this safe and after getting the hang of setting the fingerprints (biometric version) and now the door will no longer remain shut.

R D says:

I see you had the strut issue. You should update this to put some pressure on Sentry to send replacement struts at reasonable rate. I bought two of the non-fingerprint model in 2013. one strut failed in one year the second in three years. it would no longer open. this is common you can see dozens of people on amazon reviews, literally 75% of people who reviewed after owning it for two or three years, with failed struts. Sentry told me in 2014 there was no known issue (BS). now they have begun selling htem but without a few spares this thing will again be garbage after a few more years. If you replace your strut consider even that means at some point in two to four years it will again fail, and by then sentry will probably no longer provide spare struts for sale.

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