Sentry-Safe SFW123CS Review


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Sébastien L says:

heyy mine arrived lock with no paper except a little sticker on it with BW:000000* replace the 0 by numbers is this te pin of the safe or?,,, and how to i open it ive tried alot of way still cant open been 3 days,,,,,,, thanks

mackandchezz says:

I have 1 and it wont open junk.

Oshrat Molayem says:

The battery is low and the safe doesn’t open. How do I change the battery please

Hailvdop says:

These safes are not high quality.
The metal is thin, the weight comes from the fire retardant inside.
There are no vertical pincs, so a crowbar to the hinges with a hammer and about 2 minutes, and it’s open.
The 4 pins are really for show. They are all hooked to 1 mechanism, not individual links. Meaning, if you drill it in the right spot, you can literally move all pins at once, and it’s open.
The metal in the mechanism is extremely cheap and you can bend… and it’s open.

Dano Themano says:

Those are not real safes. they can be pried open by a lot of people in under 30 seconds with just household garage tools. there are videos on YouTube of them doing it. how can you praise it as being a good safe when they show it is junk??????

William Wilson says:

BTW, the batteries are on the outside of the safe on the keypad models, so the point of batteries running out is a moot point.

Cthulhu Has Risen says:

good for fire protection, about it. if you keep a gun in it make sure you put a few dessicants in there. too much moisture otherwise.

charles dunk says:

all home made safe can get broken into. the best way it keep your safe from getting broken into is to hide it.  this safe is more for fire and water damage.

MrSmart0ne says:

had one like that one of pins broke inside so had to break into it took 5 minutes



Ian Thomason says:

I have not had any problems with my Sentry Safe. As with all mechanical items they need care. Follow the instructions carefully, grease the bolts with lithium grease regularly and leave the dampness collecting packets inside the safe. Do this and you will have the product serve you for years.

slimjim355 says:

If you have a rifle you could just put the firing pin in the safe and that is good enough imo

cheechonline says:

I’ll never buy one of these crap Sentry safes again. Thought I forgot my combination (possible but not likely) so I did the $20 combo recovery from Sentry. Turns out I had the combo correct but the safe wouldn’t open. While on a tech support ph call the darn dial AND the entire round-to-square shaft came out in my hand. The safe is 8 years old, the warranty is 1 year. The rep told me I was out of luck and I’d need a locksmith to open it. $50 and and 20 min later I had the contents of my safe. Total cost? $150 for what is now a destroyed safe, a short drive to a locksmith, $50 and another $70 for a small fireproof box. NEVER AGAIN. Do yourself a favor and buy a better product. 

jaylamb 143 says:

If you don’t have the combo, do you know how to change the combo. Thanks

Santissimo says:

i made the mistake of getting this safe with the keypad.  for about a week it would not unlock.  i swapped out batteries twice and it unlocked all of a sudden.  i got no clue what the deal is, i have yet to call Sentry…  I wont be locking it again until i talk to them.

adam03110 says:

the last digit of your combo is 90. I hope you have changed your numbers!

Tral Faz says:

Tin can.

Chris Overton says:

hi my name is Chris I have about the same safe but I locked my owner manual and it I don’t know the first 3 digit code to get in it I was wondering if I’ll come the same into you change the cold yourself do you mind to give me the code from the owners manual to see if I can get in mine safe open here my number6304404878

zlpalmer says:

Check out the review on by search for the same exact model #. There is someone who had a fire who actually posted photos of what the safe looked like after the fire and their items after they were removed after the fire. The handle did burn off.

Frances Noe says:

My safe is just like the one in the video except its a push button. I need to change the combination

verijean says:

I can’t open mine 🙁 I followed the process and nothing, don’t know what to do? help please

CSX Productions says:

I have this one and love! Very nice-looking and keeps my stuff dry and clean.

Hind Ahmed says:

i had a sentry safe lock with SFW123CSB
but i dont remamiber the secuirty lock number
can u help me to open it

zloben9000 says:

opens in 9 sec.
look for open plastic safe.

Armando Martinez says:

Hey I have an equally safe as yours. but I have a problem. I was so happy the day when I buy the safe opened it immediately, And I closed the same way. And I am one hundred percent sure that I did not remove the shipping screw. And after reading these instructions I’m confused I do not understand what it says: pass three times zero continue turning until it reaches the first number of your combination. I’ve done this process many times and I’m tired because I can not open the damn safe.

Pat TheHombre says:

Give me fifteen minutes (not a minute more) and a good crowbar and I’ll easily open this Sentry safe.
The dial in front is one of the easiest to access entry.
This junk is  a ‘feel safe’ product.
(not surprised if this dude is paid commission for Sentry safe)

Anchor says:

can this be bolted down?

Mike Enriquez says:

I just purchased this model at Wal-Mart and it was a open box item without the Manuel. What’s the manufacturers combo on the back of the Manuel? I’m wondering if it will open it.

Robert Mitchum says:

This safe is good only for fire protection. As for security, you’d better off burying your valuables in the ground. I bought one of these so called safes and the locking mechanism is made of plastic. The handle is plastic, the tumblers are plastic, even the wedge to keep the safe locked is plastic. As for those 4 steel bolts, there made of cheap cast metal and will snap with a decent impact. If you want a burglary rated safe, buy a burglary rated safe, this thing ain’t it. It’s a poor excuse for a safe at best.

Hind Ahmed says:

its same

MONEYBAGS603 says:

i lightly kicked my now it wont open. time to cut the bitch open…have fun people..BUY ANOTHER SAFE

MONEYBAGS603 says:


ThatsRight says:

Nice T-shirt

Mary Ellen Guevara says:

I know the combination of my safe glad somebody one of my kids or grandkids went and push the little button where there was an extra little Key its a round one I lost that key can i still open my safe I tried to combination over and over and it does not work help me

Steve Wells says:

i am trying to get how two reset combation on my century safe does eny one know how to reset a combanation plese let me know

Traci Stubbe says:

Question: Is it big enough inside for legal documents? Or regular 8.5 x 11 paper and folders?
Thank you 🙂

Oppiko says:

Hey so i got this safe i opened it up but my brother began to mess with it and now the safe is open locked and i cane get it to open. any tips?

wes gassman says:

lol i cant open it wtf??

James Rock says:

HOw much the weight?

Lock Doc says:

Great for fire……no real protection against burglary.
A battery powered drill and a hole saw.
Or a teenager with a large screwdriver.

Aesheg Aothmny says:

How do you can open one is like then you

Jolo Otarra says:

My sentry safe was easily ransacked by thieves. I do not recommend that you buy this safe.

Shaunete Morris says:

This is a piece of crap.. It worked for about a month (although I have the digital version). Then good luck getting it to open. When you contact them they will tell you to giggle the handle and push up and down on the door, eventually the door opens after 20 or so tries. They will not remedy it and you will be stuck with a safe that you hope will open in a hurry if you need it to.  DO NOT BUY—you have been warned.
P.S.  Love Ron Paul

william foreman says:

I hate to be telling you all this my first time out I bought one of them too I still have it their good decent safe if nothing else for safety you can keep your home defense hand guns in to keep them out of the wrong hands I seen a guy on YouTube cut one open with a cheap high-speed doublecut saw harbor freight in less than 10 minutes they’re actually very thin metal for the most part on the tops and sides probably door two and the bottom he cut it on the sides in about five minutes he had it completely cut in half and then hit it a couple times with a sledgehammer because it has a concrete core underneath the very thin metal to make it feel more substantial and give it more weight truthfully I would go with the amsec floor safe that you concrete in the floor they have a removable door so when you open it you could take the door completely off to get in there and rummage around through all your stuff when you lock it back up you can also remove the dial

Jason Kinser says:

piece of absolute shit..

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