SentrySafe SFW123GDF Dual Lock USB Safe Review

SentrySafe SFW123GDF Dual Lock USB Safe … This safe offers up so much protection and includes the ability to run USB devices inside inside the safe. Check out the video to learn about all the other features.

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TechBlissTV says:

Wow – might wanna get one of these!

TechBlissTV says:

Actually changed my mind – £360…. no thanks lol

Sean Donohoo says:

Still lol physical security sucks, I can get access to that HDD from the front and still get all your data unless you encrypt it which most people will not.

Paul Phillips says:

Being heat proof is one thing but how hot does it get and does it melt the contents?

Jacob Meyer says:

is there any other usb fire safes out their?

halifaxstar says:

use the key lol

Pavilions says:

Why, r u a SPY ?

JKOK Gaming says:

Is there another safe like this but it has a thunderbolt port?

Axl af says:

Whats that in the floor of the safe

Paul Phillips says:

how do you open it after a fire??

Jay G. says:

you pry it open

Rhyley Oubre says:


Robert Bell says:

awesome 🙂

Obadah Qandil says:

i love the variation in the channel

Dan Thomas says:

It’s slightly too pricey for my needs!

TechBlissTV says:

There site is pretty cool too – going to choose one now! :–0

This Guy says:

Hi, great video, I just had a quick question about the USB part. I’m a bitcoin collector and I have a device that I can store my bitcoins offline. Its called a KeepKey, there are also Trezor brand and a few others. I was wondering if these safes would work with bitcoin cold-storage device such as the ones listed above. This would give me access to deposit funds into my bitcoin vault, without actually removing the device from the safe.

Timothy Jacobs says:

I think the people that buy safes like these and are storing confidential documents in this safe, probably are the people who would encrypt it with TrueCrypt

BlizzardShot says:

Im sure Vin Diesel can rob this safe

charles dunk says:

this is not a good safe. you can brake into this safe in 30 second.

PimpYouriPhone5 says:

lol,I was waiting to see you throw this out of the nearest window to see how strong it was ?? j/k, Love the new content as i always do mf. I have often thought about safes and weather to get one or not. be it that i don’t need one this big,but certainly can understand the need. This looks fab,Sentry have thought of almost everything with this model. Can you get extra shelves inside for say storing other items like laptops ?. I was expecting for you to say that the price was going to be higher 🙂

Robert Mitchum says:

Take the cover off of the door and notice the cheap plastic parts used to make up the locking mechanism. Those impressive, massive bolts are held together inside by a single thin strip of cast metal. The safe is supposedly water proof, what happens when you drill holes in the bottom of it to bolt it to the floor? This is nothing more than a fire rated storage box, it is not a break in rated safe. If the thief wants in, there’s not much here holding him back.

mom2mom- Mommy Makes Lil Munchkins says:

Is it fire proof? Take care.

Robert Mitchum says:

Those four massive bolts are not even made of steel. There made out of cheap cast pot metal. Give it a try, put a magnet on them, I did.

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