Shotlock Handgun 200 Mechanical Safe Review and Best Price

Review and best price on the Shotlock Handgun 200 Mechanical Safe.

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Available in electromechanical or Mechanical versions, this handgun solo-vault is made of military grade 14-gauge steel. Features include a flanged no pry lid, double internal locking hooks, carry handle, protective felt inner liner, with key override and no break lock clutch. Will house up to a full-framed handgun.


njrx7t2 says:

First of all, thanks for this review! My question is, any observation how the mechanical components handle constant vibration such as being mounted in a truck/car? I like the fact that it doesn’t require batteries but I’m also concern whether the locking mechanisms will eventually shake themselves open when riding through bumps.. Thanks for your help in advance!

Guerilla 6 says:

The lock itself is junk. Watch my video on how easy it is to open without a code or key.

Keith Schlotthauer says:

I saw this on Amazon and was curious. I love the fact that it is mechanical and NOT electronic. As you stated, in a situation you don’t need the batteries failing and then having to take out a key to open it…..probably about 30 seconds. Thanks for the great review….made my decision easier now!. I do have a question: Is there room for magazines in there and if so, how many?. I have a Bersa Firestrom 380 that is only a 7+1 magazine. I would like to be able to carry at least 2 or 3 magazines.

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