Sports Afield and Heritage safes are Seriously not very good and easy to break into. Model 6033

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Jabroney says:

meh, I’m still buying it. On sale for $699. Show me a 40 gun safe for less and I’ll buy it.

Kamikaze Krunch says:

meh, for $1400 i can get a fort knox safe with only 11g body amd door. sorry, but even most of your $2000 and up safes is common to use only 10g and that aint nothing on a body.

i want to see you pry open that afield safe standing upright. all these scammed businessmen always so some pricks pushing the safe over which isnt realistic. pry open that afield or stack-on gu. safe when its bolted down. good luck. haha

unless people know you have that, no one breaks into a house woth a drill or grinder

Frank Biz says:

The word you were looking for at 11:05 is FILING CABINET…LOL
I don’t know why you were worried about showing people your key, you showed many other easier ways to get in. I would of sent it back!

FR Mathiasen says:

Thanks for the video. These safes are still being sold, they are listed at $1200 and go on sale regularly for $600. I call them gun cabinets – not safes. This video, despite negative reviews, is worth watching.

Original Intent says:

found this on sale for $399.99 thanks for the video. on a side note to others think about it this way a nice black gun might cost you 1300 let’s say you have 4 why would you try to protect $5,000 worth of toys with a 500 safe.. somethings not right there..

aluisious says:

Hold your iPhone sideways, genius.

The Code of Vigilance says:

God… Tina eat your food you fat lard! Ugh! You got Bo skills?

Haha, what a whiner. I’m gonna copy your key and jack your shit.

SexJunkle says:

Thanks for saving me from wasting my money on this safe. I was wondering why the guy was selling his for only 500 bucks on craigslist. That hollow door is something I’d expect on one straight from China for a fraction of the price.

Knott Reel says:

If you are serious about protection, get the old large jewelry safes that have double thick steel walls and multiple plated doors. the problem is they are much heavier than most people would want for a home. All the gun safes out there, even the one with 1/4″ sides are still susceptible to determined thieves. Most paranoid gun collectors will buy a high end safe and enclose it in a steel lined closet or safe room, with a monitored security system. It’s not uncommon for the amount of protection to be worth more than the safe contents.

cgirl111 says:

Stick with Ft Knox, this is a cheap ass foreign made sheet metal safe.

T Henson says:

Any safe in this price range is going to have the same short comings. You shouldn’t expect a ribeye steak for a hamburger price. I have both a Heritage safe and a Fort Knox safe. My Heritage safe is built like a tank just like the Fort Knox. Both safes weigh around 1400 pounds, have relockers, sargent and greenleaf locks, and all the rest of the bells and whistles. You bought a purpose made safe for a mass market retailer. Don’t fault Heritage when most of the other big safe companies do the same thing.

Philip Cullens says:

Yeah cuz the real estate agent that is not making as much money as he used to has TONS of people trying to take his shit. Most burglaries are committed by meth/crack heads looking for a smash and grab. They spend an average of 3 minutes in a house. I promise you, if people are targeting you with safe crackers, and planning to spend more than 3 minutes in your residence, you can afford a MUCH better safe. You will probably have security guards that will take said safe crackers/burglars out before they even get inside. As many have already said, these are time deterrents, not Fort Knox.

Sofa King says:

Not sure when you made this but I bought a heritage safe from Costco a month ago and believe it or not, yours is the cheap shit. My door DOESNT bend, I have no dinky key or lock. The bolts are also much more solid. Next, You are working from an open door. The thief would have to open the door to get to what you are working on. Lastly, your average thief will NOT waste his time. He wants in and out unless you announced to someone you have gold bars or something in your safe then he’ll work at it. Bolt it to the ground, lock the door, buy he actually name brand Hertitage and be done. Oh yea, my bolts that don’t move are actually welded. You bought garbage.

Matt Price says:

I agree.. Entry level safe, cheap, affordable.. Why on earth would you think you are getting an impenetrable safe for 500 bucks 🙂 That’s comical IMO that you would bash a safe like this for being cheap, when in fact, it IS cheap. I own the same safe, and the idea, as so many others have pointed out below, is a deterrent, not ft. knox. There are safes out there for what, 25k, 50k, etc.. If you wanted one with that degree of security, pay for it 🙂 If someone breaks into your home, they are in a super rush most of the time for any modern home that has a security system. The fact it weighs over 400 pounds makes this extremely hard to just tote out on your back to break into later, and the common criminal isn’t going to go find a safe in a house, with an alarm going off, and break out his tool kit to crack open a safe 🙂 I’m happy with my purchase because I knew going in what I was getting.

Robert Combs says:

Whats a pansy like you doing with guns anyways

Bill B says:

TWO QUICK EASY CHEAP FIXES . 1 spray great stuff into the over ride key hole . It will defeat the key from being used . 2 over ride switch you can cut the wires or unscrew it and leave it inside the door . Both problems solved .

Crazy Ant says:

You said it…..”you do get what you really pay for.”

Nathan0490 says:

don’t cry, ok?

kind heart says:

Beware, no safe worth buying has a electronic lock on it. Get one with an S&G combination lock.

C P says:

thanks, I was going to buy one, not after watching this

Victor Creed says:

Costco generally doesn’t sell great anything. What you bought is visual deterrence, that’s it. You’re basically bluffing, hoping the bad guy will see a big scary safe and not even try. That’s unfortunate, but still better than nothing. BTW I wouldn’t worry too much about the sheet rock. It’s only purpose is fire protection.

aaron smith says:

For crying out loud what you said could have been wrapped up to a three-minute video not 15 learn to shut your mouth you rambled on about nothing

TheCj71984 says:

how much did you pay ?

Robert Campbell says:

I get it, he’s been a victim of theft before and doesn’t want to be victimized again. Someone clearly stole his vacuum.

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