Stack On 14 Gun Safe Review

Stack-On Model FS-14-MB-E Review
Budget Gun Safe
Gun Safe



Cool guy with all his mags loaded

Black Elephant says:

Nice review and safe. If you haven’t thought of a solution for lighting, here’s what I did to my gun locker. Walmart sell led rope lights as well as led strip lighting for $12 and its 16 feet I think, then I bought outlet attachment that lets you plug things in and use a remote to turn it off and on for $10. The led lights come in a bunch of colors I bought daylight because I prefer bright white light over that warm yellowish light, just throwing it out there. Peace and respect.

vista7 says:

Have you had any problems with the electronic keypad? I read a few reviews where people said the keypad died.

Beltmaker09 says:

Do these co,e with a key if the battery dies in the key pad

Donald Eaton says:

Get yourself a motion activated battery powered light. I mounted it to the top inside and it works great Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security / Gun Safe Light

Warren CamoJak says:

good review! thanks

SuperUncleRyan says:

Put it in a corner or inside a closet and bolt it down.

Ardell804 says:

I have the same safe. No way to get 14 long guns with red dots or scopes and magazines in it. But it’s good for four if you use the shelves Maybe 8 without shelves. Decent safe good deal. That light is a must have, nice.

PR 380 says:

Looks like a solid, good quality safe. Defiantly like the shelving.

hartranft66 says:

worst vid ever made

vista7 says:

Nice review. I have been looking around at safes for a few weeks now and this seems like the best one for the money. Home Depot has it for 360 dollars which is pretty good. It’s very similar to the Field and Stream that Dick’s is selling for 400 dollars. This safe seems to have way better shelving options – the F&S only has 2 shelves. It’s kind of a no brainer to go ahead and get one like this because the models below are not fire rated. Quick question – how do you use the back-up key? One I looked at you pull off the combo lock to get to the backup key.

jalomo82 says:

I lost my code how can I open it

2000rayc says:

i was told it was bad to have your guns in stack on safes becuse what there made of

jasonyama333 says:

Do you think a .50 Cal ammo can fit on one side?

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