Stack-On vs Liberty Centurion Pry Test

At the 2014 Liberty Dealer Forum, we put two safes through the U.L. RSC 5 certification test. This means the safe should be able to withstand 5 minutes of attack with standard hand tools and pry bars. The results are shocking


Oakleyworld says:

well in reality I don’t need the the safe door fully open, just enough to stick my hand in their


Please. I can pry those safes with just myself and my hard dick.

Tom Kubiniec says:

This is a joke! Thieves do not use small pry bars and 3lb hammers. They use a modern high powered cordless grinder with and cutoff wheel and will ignore the door and all the locking pins and simply cut a big hole in the side or back of the safe. That’s just 12 or 14GA steel (thin by cutting wheel standards) and the cutter will do it in under 5 minutes.
The UL RSC Rating is a joke – People do you won research, the info is out there… These are not safes the are “residential security containers”

Admiral Ackbar says:

Reed switch inside the door… and another numeric keypad with a 16 key sequence. Jokes on you… (start at 0:44)

Ken Marks says:

To be honest all safes and safe co. are a joke they all lie about the ratings and how well they are built and steel used for the price that is charged for one . Any safe can be opened with the right tools , all a person can do is buy what they can afford to buy a little time with the crook !

wingmaster78 says:

Like previous stated by others the majority of all “gun safes” are NOT safes at all. It’s pretty much a security cabinet that’s thin gauge steel and is lined with concrete board. I’ve got a 12 gun Sentry Safe which works fine for me – I’ve got no kids and I never allow anyone in my house…. it does what i need it to. The best way to secure your firearms is to not let anyone know you have them in the first place. These type of safes are basically to keep honest people honest and keep tiny kids out. If you’re looking for a REAL safe without spending $$$$ thousands… Then go pickup one of those antique 1800’s/early1900’s Lead double door multi-plated type safes – which weigh over 1000lbs. I see them on craigslist all the time ranging $500 to $1000.

flyon awall says:

So I guess the Stack On won then?

gilmore1911 says:

did that same test and the Liberty Safe opened a lot quicker. guess it depends on who’s doing the prying

Champerj says:

Why do they always demonstrate prying a safe open when it’s on the ground giving the ‘crooks’ the advantage of using all of their weight to do so? Where are the videos of ‘crooks’ prying a safe that is properly mounted?

Dave Collins says:

because the robber only has 5 minutes to break in your safe.

Ron DeLuca says:


RuggedSportsmen says:

Lol centurion on the right. Look behind me in my room and what do I see? A bolted down centurion 🙂

sonrouge says:

To be fair, all of the outer doors and windows in my house have alarms and I have a glass break alarm in the home (which would probably be tripped by a safe being tipped over). The winning safe would definitely be a challenge after all of that.

Harley Davis says:

The guys doing the pry test are from centurion. Would be nice to tell people that little bit of info, look at the centurion YouTube channel, it shows the same guys wearing a centurion T-shirt.

Joe Beland says:

So should I assume that the Liberty safe was the last one ??? Nice they tell you witch safe is witch …

Ron DeLuca says:

I may be buying

gotloveforall01 says:

So. They both suck?

Soravia says:

Both can be pried with some more time, but that’s why you bolt them down, surround them in walls, and install alarms to bring in security. No silver bullet, but great value for money.

jairo acosta says:

So stupid. They weren’t even putting the bar all the way in. Using just the tip. Come on guys. Thumbs down.

2Timothy3:1-3:5 says:

I’m just going to leave this right here because Liberty loves test videos.

Trent Hills says:

I’ve had my safe broken into. I’m not going to name the brand but it was a 650$ safe. Luckily I had removed all of the firearms and had them with me on a hunting trip. I did lose American silver Eagles. 8 rolls… I asked my friend who works in law enforment what my best route would be going forward. If you go with a 500-600 dollar safe you must have a home security system. I signed up and pay 25$ dollars a month and it included wires for all the doors and windows as well as a motion detector I placed inside the safe. It runs on a Encripted wifi network which switches over to cellular if the power is cut. Has two sirens place on opposite ends of the house and they are very loud. If you do not own your own property , make the investment in a thick safe. 8 gauge steel. People will say that 8 gauge steel can be cut in under 15 minutes but my friend who works in law enforcement has never seen a 8 gauge safe successfully broken into. The tools needed and time needed are usually not worth the risk.

Brandon Russell says:

Unless you are spending 3k on a safe, you might as well buy a gun cabinet with locks

gilmore1911 says:

did that same test and the Liberty Safe opened a lot quicker. guess it depends on who’s doing the prying

airbomb34 says:

Fake news. Nobody leaves their safes out in the parking lot to be tipped over while two burly men do jumping jacks on them with pry bars.

Doggone Bangtree says:


Jay Santos says:

Place your safe some place that’s somewhat visible while hiding your guns in plain sight.

Morgan Mansfield says:

Lol good thing my safe is anchored in cement and in a narrow spot where you can’t get even a 6 inch crowbar into

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