The Toughest Gun Safe with Furious Pete

Thanks to Liberty Safe for donating this awesome safe for testing today. Go check them out, they really do make a great product.

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Furious Pete

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“Club Diver” by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,


-IronDuck- says:


I just didn’t expect that XDDD

Judy Micillo says:

Shooting bullets

Robert Presti says:

is your friend a liberal? Now guns are ok because he has seen someone shooting safely, etc. Not some gang member on TV shooting up the neighborhood.

Hamza Yaser says:

8:20 niss

Scott Thomas says:

I just love his outro

Christo Pyper says:

Matts main interest in life is santa…sad for a full grown man

Gavin Thompson says:

the 50 sounds mean

joe warlock says:

riped santa is American santa

Roger Pichler says:

Shoot the gun safe in the side. It’s just light gauge tin!!

iMPeRiaL CloUd says:

8:20 same reaction a liberal gives when they shoot an ar-15

Scottie 15 says:

Whoh! lol Pete

Tyler Boyle says:

@demolitionranch i would like too see what a 80$ acog can stand up too. like par say rounds per minuet.
you can get them off ebay

Tristen Christiansen says:

U need to shoot it with a tank

Gary Corwin says:

liberty are awesome

Endure and Survive says:

Bruh, your safe is badass. If I broke in, I’d just steal that. That thing is a fortress.

Josh 115 says:

Tell the retards to stop screaming every fucking shot

Karl B says:


steven baillie says:

really strong door. stihl saw to the back

Naiem Ali says:

How can I contact you?

Tide Williams says:

Is this the dude from crashers? Lol

maxcubemin says:

When I saw that revolver I was like no no no no

Troll Face says:

Thats the sniper from gta 5

Venqm says:

What is the name of the pistol that the female shot????

shark barke says:

In the Netherlands you are required to have a gun safe if you want to have a firearms liscence, and I believe you need a seperate one for munition but I’m not sure of that. You also need to be a member of a shooting club for quite some time before you can have firearms at home, and if you do you’re only allowed to own 5 firearms simultaniously, no such thing as concealed carry or home defence here. Not even worth to have a firearms liscence here.

It works well for the country and it’s people, but I feel really out of place being a gun nut here.

Jacob Finkel says:


Cosmic Spirits says:

Am i the only one who loves when pete says *WHOOAAA*

the gangster gamer says:

love ur vids

Hyrizon says:

woah that safe is expensive

Stanley H says:

You dont own AK?

Team Deploy says:

What about the anti material sniper

Thomas Gaming says:

i wish i have a gun to test like you

Jerry rahr says:

can you send me some gun shells

DanielleMusicMix says:

that gun safe is lit…………………………………………

zach lemon says:

I love FP he is so funny

J Army says:

one handing a 50 BMG!!!!!!!!

h44948 says:

Next video shoot Kevlar


Do you have a colt le 6920 magpul or a FN scar 17s?

Kaylee Westenberg says:

you should have put some kind of explosive in the safe

Kenworth Gaming says:

I bet he shot the fridge ever cristmas

baud1990 says:

just cut the side open

burger boy says:

All you need to do to get into most safe is just by getting a grinder and cutting the side off and before you say I wrong just google it

Pyroboy says:

You should have blown it up with tan

DeadPool Gamer says:

Gud nice

Steve Chevy says:

I love this blog pete is so funny

Gary Corwin says:

shoot it with the tank

joe warlock says:

riped santa is American santa

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