A Guide to Quick Access Pistol Safes

A quick access safe is a great way to keep your pistol secure, but also readily accessible. But not all of these devices are created equal. Chris talks about what to look for in a small pistol safe, and points out the pros and cons of the 7 safes he’s been evaluating.

Read Detective Spencer Blue’s article for some excellent tips on how to avoid gun theft: https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/how-to-prevent-gun-theft/

Safes reviewed:
Fort Knox Original Pistol Box
V-Line Hide-Away Large Capacity Handgun Safe
ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault
Vaultek VT20i
Hornady RAPiD Safe 2600KP
Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe
GunVault MicroVault XL

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vpv68vpv says:

Really good video, I look forward to your video on the long gun versions. I agree about the mechanical locks, I’ve got the sentry home defense center and the electronic lock sucks.

Ian Finch says:

I would like to see your review or opinion on Tactical Walls various offerings

Azure Coast Media Inc. says:

It’s so refreshing to see you have a harsh opinion on something. I guess I just wanted to know that you get as fed up with bad designs and over-hyped marketing as I do.

And is there anyone who actually believes that RFID is secure and can’t be hacked by anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of electro-magnets?

Steve Deyo says:

Great, comprehensive video as usual. Do you have any particular recommendations for quick access safes that can be used in a car/truck? Something that can fit under the seat? Thanks!

Matthew Edie says:

Love my Fort Knox. Money well spent.

De Big Brodda says:

The V-line lock would be the best for a prepared teacher.

Coach 1092 says:

I have 4 Shot Lock 1911 safes and have had great success with them the last three years. I use 2 of them daily multiple times and not one issue.

esahc007 says:

I had a terrible experience with the FortKnox pistol safe. The lock stopped working to the code i set. I actually had to break it myself to get to my valuables. Customer support was not helpful in ANYWAY nor did they offer to replace the simplex lock. Was a huge dissapointment. I would not recommend at all.

Donald Neuhaus says:

I own that Stack-on safe. If you close the door too hard the battery pack pops open and completely disables the keypad. That is a massive flaw!

TMCD says:

MY MEDIOCRE SAFES: 1) SENTRY SAFE QUICK ACCESS PISTOL SAFE #QAP1E – the safe goes to sleep to save battery life. To wake up safe you have to hit an extra button. 4 button combo = press 5 buttons, 7 button combo hit 8 buttons. I can’t open it QUICKLY 50% of the time. 2) GUN VAULT MINI #QV1000C – I keep in my car. Won’t open with push buttons when it’s 40degF or colder outside. Have to use the key. Batteries don’t like to be cold.

gintoki sakata says:

Are there any beds8de safes that fit a pistol with a suppressor to your knolege ?


SnowroxKT says:

Great video. I’ve been wondering about which of these to buy.

Stuckgrenadepin says:

Amazon basics has a number of different size safes for reasonable prices if you keep in mind that safes are usually an item where ygwypf.

M9A1 MAN says:

I’ve had zero issues with my VAULTEK and I use it daily. The only two safes in this list I’d buy is either the Fort Knox or The VAULTEK

The2ndRogue says:

A good vid about a topic that I don’t think gets enough attention. Well done.

Potato13 Holiday says:

This guy deserves more subs….

Dylan Thomas says:

Excellent review! First the ballistics labs, and now this. You’re a boon to the community, good sir!

Jackson McGovern says:

Yeah you guys are great I wish videos were more frequent thigh

Graydon Sharp says:

There is a defcon video floating around on how they opened up small gun safes.

SimonSaysTrain says:

As a locksmith I agree with your choice for the best safe for the exact reasons that you stated.

Nicholas Walker says:

I use the Gunvault Speedvault SVB500 biometric version. First and last biometric one I’ll ever buy. Biometric sensor is very finicky and finger placement needs to be exact every time to hopefully open it. It won’t open if my finger is too dry or too wet.

ahessent says:

I have the Fort Knox PB1 and love it for the reasons mentioned here. Hopefully this vid helps save people some time in researching. I spent 20 hrs researching before buying.

Paul Schlaffer says:

Iv’e purchased a LOT of high end safes for work, and am highly knowledgeable in their construction and function. These will be out of the price range or need for most homes. For a pistol safe, I recommend the Verifi Safe which has very reliable fingerprint access. It’s heavy metal, and has never failed to read the fingerprint.

99% of the full size “safes” marketed as firearms safes are not really safes, they are “security containers” and can easily be broken into with a sledgehammer. They’re truly garbage, they include the common consumer brand names, and I would never recommend one.

For a full size firearms safe I recommend the Sturdy Safe. Browning also makes a true TL30 safe, however it will be over 8k, therefore the assets protected will need to be worth the investment. For home firearms storage, the Sturdy Safe will normally be the best option at a good price.

Brandon Lima says:

Thanks for the awesome content!

Giacomo says:

Would you reccomend condition 3 for people who are NOT trained and keep the gun in a safe? I think that condition 3 for ccw is too slow but for home defense if you have the time to open the safe you also (probably) have the time to rack the slide…right?

Rey Cabrera says:

Sorry men, I’m only a hard working middle class dude and all too expensive. This has been my solution and works perfect for my Subcompact Concealed Carry $19.89 Product Title SentrySafe 0.18 cu. ft. Fire Resistant Chest, 1200 + $12.99 2.5″x 24″x 18″ Acoustic Convoluted Eggcrate Soundproofing Foam Gun Case Foam Packing Foam.

Nicholas Holahan says:

‘Sawwy Daddy!’ Great touch and very true. Gun safes are not just about theft, but about making sure kids don’t get access (or renders your safe useless)

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