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JK 241 says:

what is the smart align fingerprint?
how does it work?
what is the diff from others?

drgonzo42 says:

Would be nice if Vaultek would offer the ‘Closed Foam’ as an accessory to purchase for the other models.

Johnathan Boswell says:

Great review as always!! Keep it up

Terribly Tactical says:

A true handgunners safe is a holster

Shawn Bowen says:

Weird I thought the other ones were for guns? Not just safes that could be used for guns…of course any safe could be used for anything but you and everyone else advertised the other ones for guns. That being said I like mine but not sure id buy another. The finger print thing works about 95% of the time but there are times where it doesn’t work and I have to use the code. Not a huge issue but this is my nightstand pistol safe and if someone ever broke in I would be relying on it to work. Also I turned the sound off but 3 times now it’s turned on on its own and I had to go back in the app and shut it off…not sure how well other safes with the finger print scanners work though as this is my only safe with one so I don’t have a comparison. Overall happy with mine although I wish I’d of got the bigger of the 2 at the time.

Str8 sauce says:

fuck that just install a vault in your house

MarsBorn says:

your link for the gun belt doesn’t work you may want to look at that. love your vids!

Allen Meng says:

I am a retired welder. After 30 years of welding, I can tell you that you are mistaken about the strength of  welded joints on any structure. The weld rod metal used to weld steel is always stronger that the base metal being welded. I welded on Nuclear powered ships and submarines where the welds failure could sink the ship. quality of the welds is key.

mountain biker says:

Based on your review i just got one for Xmass and i love it !! Thanks

keep six says:

New safe, new contest giveaway?

J P says:

Great video, very informative, I have the VT20i, the ProVTi, and I just ordered the VT10i last week. Great safes and highly recommended!! Only thing you missed was the quick release cable that makes this and the VT10i extremely portable. Spoke to the guys at Vaultek and they told me the QRC would be added to the VT20 series. Again, great video!!

Allen Meng says:

12 gauge steel is 0.1094inches thick (2.78mm)

kayok07 says:

wish they made a bigger safe one for say a few large weapons say 4 or 5 rifles and maybe 6 pistols on the door hanging pouch style. Go review seems like a nice safe but like I said would like to have a bigger one

tdo7125 says:

I bought two Vaulteks based on your reviews. The VT 10i fingerprint scanner sucks, but the Pro is freaking awesome.

Ping Pong says:

how much is this?

Devon Huynh says:

Might as well add an GPS feature?!

TrendKillGaming says:

I have the Vaultek Pro VT and the VT20, I love both of them. the VT20 goes in my car, works amazing!.

JK 241 says:

i dont want an alarm going off in apt or car all day.
would be better if app alerted you


Nice review as usual, I have to buy a few more.

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