Bedside Gun Safe / GunVault Micro Vault

Check out my video on How to Store your Home Defense Shotgun:

Bedside Gun Safe / GunVault Microvault.
How to store you gun beside your bed. We all like to keep a home defense gun near our bed, but how do you make sure its safe and still accessible ?? Hopefully this video will give you a couple good ideas.

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Reefer Nanoman says:

This is exactly what I have under my bed. It works great! I just keep the lid down and unlocked when I go to sleep and relock it by just pushing it down when I wake up to keep my kids safe.

Rafal Grabski says:

great idea man!!! I love the quick and easy access.

David Valadez says:

Great video. Do you have paranormal activity?

Canadian Neo-Frontiersmen says:

Lolo i like flowers….thanks for the vid!

ShinySilverBunny says:

Nice video. I have a cheap bookcase as a nightstand. I am ok with drilling it, would that be okay? just got a liberty HDX250 but this would be storage while I’m gone too. what do you think, should I use another safe in another location for storage while away?

spydude38 says:

I prefer the Shotlock mechanical version, but use a similar deployment as you have.

Ohsaint p says:

Fuck Gun Vault. Mine is a little over a year old and it already failed. It won’t open anymore. Don’t spend you money and don’t trust your life to it. And don’t ask, it’s not the batteries.

David Valadez says:

I saw orbs in your video.

Stephen Hagans says:

You had me until I heard batteries. Does it not come with a plug for outlet access?

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