Best Budget Gun Safe? $449 Winchester 24 Gun from Tractor Supply

Winchester 24 gun safe at Tractor Supply for only $449. I did my research and this has everything I need for my ammo shop second gun safe. This model is exclusive to TSC and typically retails for $499, but I waited two months for it to go on sale. Some online reviews consider it inferior to the “official” version of this safe because the Tractor Supply version has “cut corners” to make it so affordable, but I feel confident that my firearms are well-protected within it.


The Reloading Press says:

Man great taste, I got the same safe on the same sale. I haven’t registered it for the warranty, I suppose I should. I haven’t lit mine either. Hmmmm

Theredneck Prepper says:

better then nothen bro ! rock on !

jon sparrow says:

Nice I’m in the market for a safe

Gorillas & Guns says:

The tractor supply near me doesn’t carry those winchester safes in the store… that is nicer than the off brand they carry.. and a good price also. ….

Firearms 101 says:

Great buy. Thanks for sharing brother!

Spec-Op says:

Awesome grab my man!

JesseB Outdoors says:

I need a bigger gun safe. But the wife says no cause I’ll have to fill it lol.

MrBulletpoints says:

Nice, pretty good deal. Tag lovers?….. Haven’t heard that one…

Orion Fixr says:

Ooooo ! That’sa nice !! Good snag , Dirt. Better than hiding them in the closet. Now you can use that gun locker for ammo..

Rogue Preparedness says:

For the price and size, definitely seems like a great purchase!

Tony says:

The code is 61184

Big Johnson Guns and Gear says:

Just Put a Clapper light in it! Carry on

Airborne 28 says:

Good looking safe! Congrats on getting the deal!
Stack-On has some good lighting options I believe…

Channel Cat Chaser says:

I have a safe in my garage that has been in the box for 3 years …..I need help moving it!

Wolverine Prepper says:

Looks like a nice safe for the price. Good deal. Safe place for them pistols and rifles.

ThecrazyScotsman says:

liberty for under 500 for same size my friend just have to look around

Big C says:

Nice I’d like recommendations for led lights as well.

Silent Bob says:

Those Tag Lovers should love this. Great pick up.

Gerald /GAgunshooting says:

Great for that price…I’m going to have to see if I can find one here. Im not too fond of a digital lock pad…always worried about having issues with it and not being able to open the safe.

Peck's 2A America says:

Looks like a decent safe for the price .

sniffmoney says:

Pretty nice safe for the price not to mention the $50 off good deal….I gota check that out I need another safe…thanks for sharing

Scott F. says:

Nice addition to the safey of the home as those safes are awesome….Good stuff…

Ohio Guns & Deals says:

Looks like you should be able to add a couple more shelves in it pretty easily since the track runs all the way up. There’s a lot of volume at the top to fill up. Very nice safe at a great price

DarkLight says:

yep,my tractor supply has them in stock..looks killer..i’m saving for one now

JJ McGuire says:

Good deal on a nice safe. KB32’s is bigger!

treesablowin says:

Pretty nice pickup for the money

braden woodle says:

Are there any downfalls to these safes? I’m in the market for getting a bigger safe than I have now. Right now I have I think the 18 gun stack on safe and I’m running out of room.

InSight Freedom says:

That price is hard to beat.

Jack Orear says:

You can get a good LED battery operated switch light at Academy or I got 2 for under 10 bucks that light up my safe nicely, same Winchester from TSC

live4wild says:

Not bad for the money

rls303 says:

Not bad at all.

TheRealCobraBurnout says:

Looks good. I never have set up a proper lighting system in my safe. I just have a few of those battery powered LED light strips that have an auto turn on sensor. I got them as a 2 pack from Sams Club a few years back. Sorry not much help there. But LED stuff has gone way down in price on Amazon now a days

Thomas (Tom) Bestrom says:

Here’s what I’ve purchased – Moston USB Rechargeable Magnetic Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Light,10 LED Cordless Closet Lighting,Auto On/Off Sensing Night Lights,Stick-on Anywhere for Cupboard,Wardrobe(Silver Aluminium,3 Pack)

651 gunny says:

Nice safe

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