Browning Pro Steel Safe Review

This is a review on the Browning ProSteel Safe’s Sporter 23 gun. Great safe for the price ….


cool okay says:

Made in china! Thats the problem

TimboSlice083 says:

Dude you’re in Hawaii me too!

ArmsInc says:

lol small world

ArmsInc says:

To be honest I don’t really remember but I think it was around 30 something bucks it’s the strip led light by mosaic I think they have some Cosco

mainenwo says:

Fort Knox offers a lifetime warranty on their digital locks

chillwill686 says:

What video did you install that light

AKBuilder762 says:

Is this the same as the FMJ safe?

Aloha2U50th says:

Thanks so much, appreciate it will do! Good advice thanks!

WRX Chase says:

disco lights in the gun im jealious

TimboSlice083 says:

I’m waiting for movers to pick it up from Sports Authority Leeward side. Can’t wait brah.

OneGenericName says:

Are you in a ground floor apt? Have a similiar size safe but live in a 2nd floor apt. w/garage below. Safe got as far as garage but 2-70+ yr brothers can’t get the darn thing upstairs. Wanted to keep movein private vs hiring moving company but guess it’s the only option.

MedicWrightDR says:

What kind of gum are you chewing? It sounds amazing! I’m not thinking about the safe, just what kind of gum you have. Lol.

John Stohlman says:

Just a few comments. Browning does have a fix for the scoped riffle problem. If you had upgraded to the Select Series Safe they have two Scope Saver bump outs installed so your scopes dip into the door and don’t stick out. Also you said that they should install the lights for you in each safe. They do include the lights for the higher end series safes. I don’t know at what point the lights are included and not just an option however I do know that the Silver Series has lights in the base unit.

GUNxprt says:

Great review, especially the part about the door storage taking up room in the safe.

ArmsInc says:

buggie funkie

Aloha2U50th says:

Nice safe for a nice collection. I have a small safe for my handgun but not sure what to use for my AK, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

TimboSlice083 says:

I think the only video on Internet showing this safe! Can’t find crap on it. Also no inside pics not even on their website.

Zachary Kidd says:

You need rifle rods my man

ArmsInc says:

If you only have one rifle and are not plan on getting anymore I would recommend checking out sports authority and purchasing one of the smaller safes…. Or even the metal lockable gun cabinet…. They come on sale every now and again and occasionally they have a 20%-25% off coupon every now again in their ads it’s available on the website… And remember don’t get the smallest one possible get one they could fit twice your collection

ArmsInc says:

you can take the door off …. takes about half the weight off the safe…. I live on the second floor

Brandon Kurtz says:

Completely useless.

ArmsInc says:

I would love to have the problem of “I need a couple good safes” lol

BiGB13815 says:

Spit out the damn gum! You sound like a cow chewing cud! I made it 2 minutes and had to quit watching. Otherwise it would have been a good review


If you haven’t already install a dehumidifier so you precious firearms don’t rust from humidity. Never cover your firearms longterm storage they will rust ! Install a humidity gauge so you can monitor. You can buy electronic or large absorbent humidity bags. You can recharge bags in stove at 200 degrees indefinitely. Keep your powder dry. 🙂

Je P says:

Does it have bolts to bolt to the floor? 

Xdm 6.8mm says:

That’s cool did you do the lighting your self what did you use

Someduff says:

Take the fucking Gud our

Travis Wright says: has Browning Gun Safes in Stock and ready to ship, no 10-12 week lead times. 800 720 3275

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