Cannon CS6036 Executive Series Safe (Before & After New Shelving)


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Micah Winchester says:

Byron, I just bought this safe today and I like what you did. I do have one question…why do you have to purchase another gun rack if you are just going to put a cover shelf over the other side? Will the one that came with it not work the same way with the center divider shelf?

MrTraveler94 says:

Google Cannon safe battery replacement problem.   A litany of people having trouble even getting into their safe when the electronic lock fails.    Avoid in my opinion.

Webmaster Caribou says:

Funny, I bought the same safe around 5 to 7 years ago and it came with shelves, internal ac outlets but no door organizer. I took my shelves out for more long rifle room. Mine is rated for only 30 min at 1200 degrees. I am very happy with the safe though, bought at Tractor Supply.

Marty K says:

does this model (CS6036) have a backup key? (in case the electronic lock fails) Thanks for the review!

. says:

Curbside delivery or did they place inside your house or maybe just inside the garage? Weight? Thanks

Carlos G says:

I like all that open space…have my rifles on the left wand was able to stack 8 full ammo cans on the right

chickn greez says:

yes got the same safe at Costco for 399.00 no b.s it was in the corner of the warehouse. 3 days later it was 549.00 shelves suck though. Just to keep the kids out real thief no chance but the price can’t beat

chvyguy21 says:

I want to say the major difference between the safe you purchased versus similar Cannon safes is the steel body. I believe your safe is a 14 gauge steel body. Better quality safes have a 12 gauge steel body, which makes it harder to break into by the thief. I did see you pointed that out in a banner during your video. Additionally, U.L. rating can come into play as a cost factor. I believe if a safe has U.L. rating, let’s say for Residential Security Container burglary certification, then you will obviously pay more for it. Not an expert by no means, but I happen to be shopping for a safe myself at the moment and have been doing some research. Thanks for the video.

surfhwm31 says:

hey if you don’t mind me asking what you paid for the shelf kit. and with this review being a few months old what are your thoughts on this safe. Went to costco today but they wouldn’t let us open it to see inside. Thanks for the awesome review.

flavrdPnut says:

Do you think it would be difficult to obtain the measurements of those additional shelves to make your own? Thanks

todd thomas says:

how many guns does it hold. how many assault weapons do you believe it will hold. ar15 308. shotguns pistols

Danny Podesta says:

I saw my local Costco in Sparks Nevada has this CS6036 safe on sale for $399 today!!!

Michael Stineman says:

Did anyone have trouble ordering the shelves from Cannon? I’m being told that it is a rifle safe so they can’t send me any shelves for this safe. Any help with this??

K2PR says:

Will the provided gun rack shelf work with the center divider you ordered or would you recommend replacing it like you did?

flavrdPnut says:

Thanks Byron! It just seems a little to much to pay for some press board I can cut myself.

Dana Reynolds says:

I’m looking at the pic on costco website and it shows bolts on top and more shelving. the price is $300 higher now though.

TomlinsTE says:

Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. I like the Costco price for the size of the safe, but want more storage options. I can’t find the shelf ordering form on the Cannon Web site. I expected the form or the shelves to be listed under accessories. I messaged customer service, hopefully ordering the shelves separately is still an option. I realize I could just glue some particle board together myself, but I want the shelves to be adjustable and look professional.

RangeDust says:

The reason why it was cheaper because it’s 14 gauge steel not the standard 12 gauge steel. In order to be at least UL rated It has to be at least 12 gauge steel which this is not. There would be a sticker saying UL rated by the fire raring sticker you pointed outright it if it was 12 gauge steel. Still better than nothing but my cannon safe is 12 gauge steel which is the industry standard for a residential security canister. I don’t know why Cannon is making them out of 14 gauge steel now but I guess to possibly set the price point lower.

Brocked and Loaded says:

crucial question for you. Does this safe have a pre drilled hole for adding internal electricity? And if it doesnt, do you know if Cannons warranty is voided if you drill it yourself? Im looking to buy this one soon

Chris Rogers says:

Did you have to purchase using the Cannon Safe Shelf Order form?

Chad Threlkeld says:

get rid of it all Cannon suck had mine broken into with a sledgehammer and a axe

TomlinsTE says:

Does anyone have experience with buying this safe from the local Costco store and having them deliver it to their home? Does Costco home delivery charge more than usual because it’s an extremely large heavy item? Any tips on how to drag the safe into the garage from the street? Does the safe door come off to make it easier?

Jeffrey Hill says:

Knap and voit is the maker of the shelf rails…..clips should be available at most hardware stores fyi

Clif Kimpson says:

is the back panel inside the safe one piece of 2? I bought 1 yesterday it’s 2 pieces. thanks

Carlos G says:

Costco order quantities and volume always brings the price down

reeceddogg says:

how much weight can each shelf hold?

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