CHEAP Harbor Freight Tools 59″ Executive Safe by Bunker Hill

A cheap and easy way to store your guns, ammo, documents and other valuables. Perfect as a first safe or storage cabinet for things you don’t want thieves to run off with.

To be Safe or Not to be Safe…That is the question?

I choose to be safe, NOT sorry. I often go away for business/mission work and leave my home unattended and I needed a safer way to store my guns without breaking the bank. I found bunker hill security cabinets/safes to be a good option. These are cheap options used as deterrents for thieves and would be burglars. They are not fire/water rated but they’re also not cheap light weight stack on crap either. These things are heavy steel constructed security cabinets that are well built and affordable in comparison to other models that are more expensive and light weight. The executive safe weighs @ 250lbs empty and the 1.51 Cu. Ft. safe weighs @ 80lbs empty which aids in preventing them from being carried off easily. They’re simple, easy and affordable options for storing your valuables when and if you have to leave your home for a long period of time. Ive had both for a few years with no problems, same batteries as provided and both have awesome finishes which is an added bonus.


RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

Oh ya nice guns

Andrew Walters says:

i just brought one and i love it. I also used your idea and put the LED lights inside. my only question is what are the rails on the inside of the door for I haven’t been able to figure it out

Glocked 17 says:

nice review. Safe are always so expensive.

redalrt4 says:

Nice review.

Russ Trevitt says:

i’ve seen this safe at the store. The lady says this safe is just as good as the more expensive one’s. Nothing could be worse than this bunker hill safe. I observed the bolts that were in the locked position to keep the door from being shut. They showed signs of failure just from the door being pushed shut. there is a hole behind that plastic key pad that allows the cord entry inside the door. not all keypads have this problem it is specific to this rectangular key pad. Mostly seen on lock boxes, this safe is the only one i’ve seen with it  Smack the plastic key pad with a shoe. you might have to do it more than once. The pad will break off easy, insert a  paper clip bent to an L shape through that same hole and locate the solenoid to the immediate left. press down the spring loaded catch. Presto your in. A toddler could do it once shown.  your throwing good money into a safe thats a joke. Harbor freight has a lot of good products. but there are a few you want to pass on and this safe is one of those. The lady called it a cabinet, that is correct.  A few dollars more is the stack on safes. Those raise the difficulty range to 13 and up. those have bigger bolts have fire protection FYI

Brando Peters says:

make sure you secure it to the floor. these can be broken into in under a minute…

rmwtsou says:

I find that I can fit more long guns in a safe when I store half of them upside down — i.e., on their muzzles.

Brandon Miller says:

“As you can see my guns”
*7 rifles , handguns, rocket launcher,

GunSlinger615 says:

I shop there a lot and I also have those safes for my guns

Universal Law says:

Sweet gun collection

michael pugsley says:

why dont you bolt it down?

imasurvivornthriver says:

Thanks for this review sis.  I’m in the market for a safe.  Thanks for sharing.

willskillincali says:

Great video and thank you for the tips I will definitely look at both of the safes! Hope all is well take care 🙂

ray hanes says:

Dang lady, 7 rifles? U didn’t come to play huh? Love BW that love there 2nd Amendment

Mossy500A says:

Good review! Something to add to my security list.

Nick Alati says:

Nice job on the Video – awasome selection of wepons,I think I want to Marry you – LOL

ThePhantomEvoX says:

Nice to see a women with some guns!

strikt09 says:

I purchased this safe and the first time I stuck the key in, it got stuck and could not be removed, however the key pad still worked but the handle then failed on me and the safe would not open (thank god I didnt put anything in the safe yet), I returned this safe the next day, and purchased a fortress electronic one from walmart for the same price and couldnt be happier …I do not reccomend this bunker hill garbage to anyone who is serious about keeping valuables in it

BIGsimify says:

Safes are nothing but a deterrent so if you don’t bolt that sucker down you will see your safe disappear in some clever ways. For instance a palate jack can move 900pds or more safes. So if someone wants it they will get it unless you have other defensive measures.

jaywill904 says:

Good vid

PewPew Life says:

Can you permanently mount the bigger 59″ safe?

Michael Ledford says:

The harbor freight gun safes can be picked open by an amateur in less than 30 seconds on their 1st attempt , your better off putting a solid oak door on a closet , then replacing the door handle with a deadbolt and reinforced door jam for the same cost .

before ever buying this safe YouTube search for picking a harbor freight gun safe and see how many ways a 12 yr old could access all your firearms in seconds without making a noise , its worth spending $1,000 and getting a safe where YouTube vids won’t make any bored teen an expert in cracking while in your house using a pair of tweezers and a nail file , I went to harbor freight and picked the floor model in 45 seconds following YouTube instructions.

Chuck Pringle says:

My kind of woman….
I have 2 of these safes, had them for 8 years, no prob.
The only thing I had to do to one was to adjust the door height with allen wrench at the bottom of the door.

Silver Falkon says:

Are there holes in the back wall to bolt it against the wall?

MolarAttorney50 says:

is that an air gun in the safe

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

Nice review and nice safe. I just bought a 24 long gun safe from costco for $499. It probably only holds around 15 or so. Love your videos.

Reel Amor says:

FYI , I was able to change all the key locks that are used as the back up method , ace hardware sells the replacement locks.

JIm Brannan says:

BTW, if you text TOOLS to 222377 they will send you a 20% off coupon good for 7 days.

1342000harley says:

I have looked at every comparable other brand, for the money and to stop somebody that would probably never look in the corner of the closet, it”ll work just fine. Gotta bolt it down though..

BOB MAC says:

Because of your review I just bought one last weekend. Its heavy for one person to move around. It has two holes in the inside which you can screw into the wall studs. For the price it can’t be beat.

monkey vibes says:

I built a safe out of 7/8 ” wall thickness 24″x24″ Square steel pipe thats 5′ tall . New steel scrap from a scrap yard. paid $25 and another $186 on assorted parts and $119 for combination lock dial and tumbler . It unbeliably heavy and incredibly strong and secure

Professor Logic says:

great review

postbreak says:

It uses a tubular lock that can be picked in seconds. I would avoid this “safe” or storage cabinet.

Adam Kushner says:

Great quick review


Not sure if I missed it… Where did you purchase this safe? Seems like a good buy

livydman says:

OMG! I might be in love. You are definitely my kinda woman. You’ve probably already got this in place, but a security system like Simplisafe is a great idea. Any safe can be breached, but add a security system and the crooks won’t even get that far. Most will run away when they hear an alarm and you will know what has occurred right away via your smartphone. I hate the idea of someone breaking in and then my arriving while they are still there. Until I got a security system I felt like I had to clear every room whenever I arrived at home.

mtblance says:

Thanks! I’m going to look into this as a secondary safe for my ammo etc…

Kevin Butler says:

Nice review. Subbed.

strgoddss says:

This is something I’ve been wanting and no clue about a good one. THANK YOU woman’s world.

Hiroshi Sumida says:

I have a similar safe, but it was thinner, made for only 5 long guns. Exact same digital lock system. But it wasn’t BunkerHill. It was from Paragon and it cost in or around $300.

This was about 2 or 3 years ago, before the Bunker Hill safe was available on the market.

I need a bigger safe anyway, so this is definitely worth giving a second look.

Brian Duke says:

Perfect video! Covered the basics, gave a good view of all points. Thank you!

martywhitevan says:

i just put mine in between the mattress, or in the closet, or in the top dresser drawer, nobody looks there.:)

James Mcnavery says:

I just got home with mine and it wont open! The key does not seem to turn far enough so the little oven temp dial won’t budge more than a little wiggle room play.. Any tip or should I just bring it back?

Commiefornia says:

I agree with krazy45cat. Bolt your safe to the floor or wall studs for added security. I always divide the manufacturer’s rated gun capacity by 2. 🙂

Dee Zak says:

My gosh girl! I thought our closet was full of stuff! Nive to see vids from you! Be safe in Haiti!

OpenCarryWIguy says:

Just and FYI, Harbor Freight does not allow firearms in their stores (at least in WI).

mike48632 says:

Love her toys in the safe ! She’s my kind of woman .

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