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Looking at some of what’s available out there in the area of quick-access handgun safes. Trying to just make viewers aware that these things on the market and what features you might want to consider, regardless of what brand you buy. The best ones to purchase might just not even be on the table, but these are the ones I happen to have right now and DO represent features that are worthy of consideration. Please GO to our website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD’s GUN SHOP, THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, FEDERAL PREMIUM, and SONORAN DESERT INSTITUTE:
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Eddie Gonzalez says:

U have to turn light on if dark

Gary Binder says:

Hickock – neat idea.  I hadn’t paid much attention to these (yet) but am going to look at one for future use.  I like your ideas of more videos on common sense gun safety and safe gun handling.

MusTang Nick says:

Now you didn’t talk about fire ratings… That would have been nice. But overall great video covering the different types.

SuperN0va says:

“Excuse me, Mr. Robber. Can you hang on a few seconds while I make sure my finger is properly positioned on my fingerprint scanner? Maybe it’s not working because I cut my finger. You can’t wait? Ok, just take my car, gun safe, wife in the passenger seat. Sure, you can leave the crying baby here with me. There’s beer in the fridge, since you have my license with my address.”

Tyler Gosnell says:

has anyone ever really said “my husband doesn’t want a gun in the house” ?

holyohmygawd holyohmygawd says:

hold on person who just broke into my home with a weapon i have to retrieve my handgun from my safe… but when i do!! ohh just you wait im gonna stop you so good…

bigdadytid says:

nice High Def!

t77snapshot says:

I recommend mechanical safes for quick access.

HoldYourFire says:

I wouldn’t use anything with the 3-digit combo. They take no time to open, particularly for a kid. Just roll thru all combinations. I’ve had to do this a number of times (someone accidentally changed the combo), and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

SquidRides says:

I like this type of video… just as useful as gun reviews.

Arthur Craig says:

i need a gun safe that is big enough to hold a suppressor on a full size gun

Bob Bossi says:

Good video, I am currently teaching a group of senior citizens and will pass this on to them as well.

GreenLittleRobot says:

Hornady makes some great ammo but that handgun safe looks atrocious. It’s huge, loud and looks like an 80s video game console. For $250???

IN5HANE says:

Another thing people don’t realize is the whole point isn’t to make it where someone cant ever get in, its just to make it very difficult for the person to steal or just for someone whose not supposed to touch it. DO NOT BY SENTRY SAFE…prob one of the easiest to manipulate and get in easy. Also those cheap safes on amazon, if their not rated for gun storage, they are completely easy to break in to. I am an avid safety “freak” and try to always think of “worst case scenario” so I just want to point out these things so people don’t get them thinking they’re “safe” and then the child easily gets into them

broad405 says:

That Vaultek is one helluva safe,, just got mine and it’s awesome!!!!

Talking Tom1 says:

I have questions I am Kentucky residents uploading a picture with firearms on social media is a illegal ?

LadyJesterSurfer says:

I’ve got the cheapie and another nicer one. But I was considering the horniday at one point. Until I saw a kid 10 or less, break the key pad, on the display model in bass pro. Won’t be getting that, for what it cost, way too cheap.

the desciple says:


IN5HANE says:

BULLDOG makes a very good one that has the 4 types of entry and not as expensive

SuperN0va says:

I kind of wanted to see the rest of the “Stiffedra” commercial. Grandma wasn’t half bad looking.

Bill Janda says:

249.99 for the Vaultek biometric (VT20i), 169.99 for the Vaultek non biometric (VT20)….just info…..

Dank Memes says:

let us not forget, if a person were to try to break into a code by 4 digit access, most safes have a time out period. Mine increases up to 8 hours if you keep inputting wrong codes and get timed out on the lower end.

Leggo My Ego says:

I prefer gun safes that don’t require batteries and keys. With both the battery type and the finger print type, you’re too tempted to leave the key close to the safe, and kids will be kids. I have a big mechanical safe, and then a fort knox mechanical push button safe by the bed.

Mike Wyatt says:

a glock 19 darn, ha ha

JustLookN says:

Man I love this guy wish I lived near him. I’d rather have a simplex safe though or even a key safe before i’d buy any of those electronic or biometric deals. Just my opinion.

CS_FL says:

I thought he was born in TN…

artefact says:

God I love being an American!

daniel hoover says:

They can all be broken into. Youtube makes sure of that with all the videos on how to get them open.

Son Ja says:

thanks for the vid.

Douglas Huddleston says:

I like my Liberty biometric. Slide your finger once to activate it and second to unlock. smooth and extremely quiet.

Jamie Roberts says:

Just ordered the vaultek this morning for my husband. Thank you for your informational video 🙂

Blazin609 says:

I’m late to the game here but I’m glad you did this. I bought a safe today, good overview. i liked the finger key coders. help make sure I’m wide awake before i even touch metal if that terrible day would ever come

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