Do you have a Gun Safe? Cannon Safes at the NRAAM

Having guns is a responsibility and every responsible gun owner should keep their guns secure when not in use.

We visited Cannon Safes at the NRAAM and took a look at a few of their offerings.

Did you know you can use a good gun safe not just for guns, but for papers, extra cash and even hard drives. Cannon’s Safes even have power, Ethernet and USB inside them! We love ours and use it for all of the above!

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Dirtboxhor says:

We recently bought a gun safe.  Weight was the main issue for me.  I don’t want a burglar (or two) being able to carry it out and open it later.  Ended up with an 800 lb safe holding 24 guns.  Love it.

Brian Batiste says:

Dude nobody wants to hear about your kids the main subject is he gun safe

razorbackblood06 says:

Why is it that there are no reviews or demos of cannon safes?

desirefirst says:

I live alone so there’s never any need to have them locked up in a safe, I use a locked wooden cabinet. And if anyone else is in the home I have my eyes on them every moment. To say that I should have a safe if I have guns is ignoring how many of us live. Love your channel…

ERIC K. says:

Very interesting safe! Far better than a case with a padlock. And, I’m likeing to see the expansion of the SFF channel. And, great video!

redneckmini14 says:

I keep all but two of my guns in a cabinet. my deer rifle sits in a case at the foot of my bed (because the scope prevents it from fitting in the cabinet). the other gun sits next to my bed.

Don Juan says:

I prefer a stack on gun safe than a cannon. Cannon safes do not have the option for a backup key. If the keypad goes bad you are SOS.

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