Field & Stream 10 Gun Safe

A look at the new safe I picked up at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods store


Jerri Duke says:

This is listed on the Dicks Sporting good site as being 250 Lbs. Is it actually heavier than that empty ?

Gavin Embry says:

Mcjuggernuggets cant use this bs

Mark Delgado says:

Ever thought of reviewing tactical pens? 

richie real says:

Does anybody have video bolting down this safe down? The insulation on the floor blocks pre holes if there are any

lawofwar 517 says:

Does it has pre drilled holes on the bottom or the back

Can i get 1000 subs without a video? says:

would one of them cheap safes work for a few months

JW Stacks says:

awsome,thanks for the reveiw,those are on sale this week,keep putting it off ,but I’m Def going to have to pick one of those up

Melissa Stahlberger says:


Michael Colley says:

You forgot to mention that this safe has a fire rating as well.


Horny safe

Penny the Frenchton says:

How many urinal cakes can i store next to my double barrel UZI gun? I was wondering if some one made a gun safe video and put it on youtube, thank god for you warrior of the internet!

vista7 says:

I saw this at Dick’s for 300 yesterday and the sale just ended last night(darn!!) I didn’t have my SUV with me so I opted out of driving back and picking it up. I’ve looked at a bunch of SAFEs and this is the best one I have seen for the money. The Stack On 8 is 200-250 and doesn’t have near as much space, it has a thin door that can be drilled through, and has no fire rating. The only real negative I could see about this safe is the lack of shelving. I will have to figure out the best way to install some additional shelves and it should work great for me.

edgedweapon88 says:

Nice overview and safe.  I should make a video showing mine.  Thanks for sharing, Luis.

Dario Ortiz says:

Great safe for the price!! I just have a regular ol metal gun cabinet, it does the job. It’s bolted down to concrete. It’s not gonna stop a thieve but will stop children

sarez0220 says:

Do you use any dehumidifiers in the safe?

Jennifer Foil says:

Does anyone know if the middle divider in this safe is removable?

krazy45cat says:

Nice safe . I keep my Ar’s barrel down eaiser to grab one for me

Melissa Stahlberger says:


Ed Hughes says:

Bolt it down guy. Much easier to break into lying on the floor.

Diego Morales says:

That safe is not 400 pounds i got the bigger version of this safe and that mines 400 dat with mi guns included

Melissa Stahlberger says:


MuzzleBlast says:

Nice safe for a good price and don’t take up any room. Now show us your 48 gun safe that holds all your oakleys and watches lol jk

sniffmoney says:

Nice safe good setup i just got the 24 gun field & stream safe from Dick’s for $449 they were out of stock so im waiting for it to come in good deal

Gears of Wood says:

I don’t think it’s wise to video tape your safe, just my opinion

rich jay says:

 Good review.  I just picked up the field and stream 24.  I put a shelf under my carbines to raise them up to make use of the gun slots and waste no space. I keep some supplies under. Great safe

tpage98 says:

Can you post a new EDC video?

Mark DeRoller says:

I like this safe but can’t find a deal as good as yours.  Dicks Sporting Goods online has it for $379 plus $150 shipping.  Doesn’t weigh as much as you said but it probably feels like it 🙂  Can you remove the door when you’re moving it?  Here are the specifications:

External Dimensions: 55″H x 19″W x 15.25″D
Weight: 247 lbs
Model: HEH00358


I’m tearing up my dicks credit card After u said u won’t sell AR 15’s. It’s the government & the left causing this. The fbi & sheriff’s dept. in that Florida town had 65 warnings about that hat scumbag & all warnings were ignored. Two of the neighbors warned the sheriff & were told we don’t see a problem. The fbi & sheriff’s dept. should be charged with 17 counts of murder. u people want this to happen like the left so u can try & take guns away from law abiding citizens. ur all fucking scum

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