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This is my new Field & Stream 16 gun fire proof safe. After searching around for the best safe for the money I choose Field & Stream.
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TheOl1911 says:

nice – I have the same Fort Knox safe for years and to be honest I do not remember the specs. Just that its heavy and not easy to move, LOL. But this one looks nice.

OzarksTactical Homesteading says:

Looks like a good buy for a RSC. Thanks for sharing.

hzdrgr says:

I have the same safe in the 32 gun version, they are a very nice safe for the money, and did the exact same thing as you with the shelf on the bottom for my carbine length rifles!

Bill Campbell says:

Nice video. I like the view of the interior features of the safe. I question the value of a door that offsets the weight of the rest of the safe, I think it suggests the remaining sides may be relatively weak in comparison.

Guns N Things says:

I looked at the Field & Stream safes when I went shopping for mine. Nice set ups but I went with the Cannon safes, basically because at the time I couldn’t find a F&S safe big enough. That is the problem with having a collection instead of a few hunting rifles like my dad lol.

Gerry K says:

Fort Knox or Liberty !!!

Caddilacjim says:

Great video looks like a good safe.I don’t own a safe yet but I am looking into getting one.

Scorpion 520AZ says:

I was actually shopping around for a second Safe and because of this vid I decided to check out Dick’s. Great prices on enough Safe for me.

chevy6299 says:

Harbor Freight nuff said. But I would be interested in the two videos you suggested, HF easy break in and comparing the two you are using now.

MPGunther1 says:

Love the idea of the hinges on the outside. Interested to see why the Bunker Hill is so bad. Thanks for the look see!

battlestartoaster says:

What safe would you recommend for me? to clarify, I would be buying safe for my family so we could pool our weapons together. We currently own One rifle and three pistols. We will get at least one more rifle and shotgun. Looking to spend $600 or less if possible but could max out at $1000.

treesablowin says:


Rich Thom says:

You said penetrate lol

gunnwild1 says:

Looks to be be a high quality safe to me. I’m so far behind on watching videos, I’m trying to catch up

rednecklowlife says:

Had my guns stolen out of a cheap Stack-On Safe! I knew it was a piece of junk! Just wanted to keep it away from people in my house! But I got robbed while at work by some crack heads! Who got in it with a simple prybar. But the good thing is. I got my guns back un harmed. But not a lot of other stuff they already ponded off! I need a good safe! Might check into one like that!

Kevin M says:

That would be an excellent safe for my BB guns.


That room is like heaven, I assume.

Not a Cop says:

I love safe reviews from actual gun owners, meaning someone who isn’t promoting it, saying its the best one out there. would be happy to see more safe reviews and comparisons coming.

Zman says:

Good video. I’ve had this same safe for 6 months and have my own opinion:
Pros – decent construction and a good deterrent for the price (got mine at Dicks for $429). Adjustable shelves both right and left side. mounting bolts included. heavy enough but don’t need a crane to bring it in the house. Cons – center divider needed for shelves so you can’t have a full-width shelf. Shelves and pins are sloppy and not always even. Barrel rests are not adjustable (as you mentioned). Overall, good unit for budget-minded, but if money is no object, Liberty would be my choice.

Evening Buzz says:

Very interesting. Thanks

lifted0422 says:

Now sell both and buy one big one

Magnum says:

That looks like a very nice choice at a great price.

wolfer55 says:

if you want to get a good idea of how sound your safe is take the door panel off. the bolts are only five inches long with re bar welded to them.

tie oneon says:

make sure you put a Wifi camera to watch the safe when you are out of the home

to alert you to anyone coming into the room

The Kentucky Patriot says:

Beautiful safe bro!

mikedifeo says:

Looking forward for the reviews. Been looking for a safe.

River says:

I need a bigger safe lmao

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