Field & Stream 16 Gun Safe Review

Basic review of the Field & Stream 16 Gun Safe

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Raymond Jakubus says:

Rotate the dial at least twice clock wise, then stop at the first number. Rotate counter clockwise passing the first number only once. Then clockwise to the third number. Make sure you stop right on the numbers, being off by one number will keep you from opening the safe.

GUNxprt says:

If you got a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet.

Brian Bosworth says:

Thanks for the info. Does it come with pilot holes in back and bottom or do you need to make your own holes? I am wondering because the stud behind where it would be is not exactly in the center of where the safe would be. So it would be great if you can pick where the pilot holes go. please advise thanks for your help.

PowerPumpkin Gamer says:

+McJuggerNuggets I did some research on your dad’s safe and of you find a bonded locksmith in the yellow pages they can open it for you.

Liam Prince says:


PowerPumpkin Gamer says:

+McJuggerNuggets I did some research on your dad’s safe and of you find a bonded locksmith in the yellow pages they can open it for you.

jordan campbell says:

can’t u just use a electrical saw to cut a hole on the side of the safe??

NCGunOwners says:

That’s true. Nevertheless, I prefer just the manual locks.

White Rabbitt says:

Outside dimensions that is.

Logan Webb says:


Tray Lucas says:

same man

mar tin says:

if its made in china then its probably not a SAFE

NCGunOwners says:

Yes, wall and floor.

NCGunOwners says:

I think it would hold 7 on one side but it’s be tight.

19cartman68 says:

On sale at Dick’s for $450.00 12/16/2013

Jordan Beard says:


Zac Paul says:

Actual safes should be used for storing valuables, high-dollar collections, or important documents. These types of gun safes provide virtually no burglary protection, so they really should not be used for this purpose. When someone puts items in a safe, they are engaging what is called “asset consolidation”. By having a safe, this sends the message that you have something worth stealing. This can actually make a criminal’s job easier since many valuables are now located in a single place inside of a very vulnerable locking container. This is why any safe is NOT better than no safe at all, and why prospective buyers should give consideration towards investing a little more in a true security safe.

With mild steel armor that’s not a whole lot thicker than a penny, this type of product gives virtually no burglary protection and prospective buyers should understand that defeating this type of safe can be done in seconds (not minutes), and that even the most unskilled of attackers will rapidly defeat this type of safe. Many of these products also have meager fire protection, in which they are tested by a private company rather than the UL, and this is likely done because the safe would fail the UL test.

Addicted to Guns says:

Do u kno the weight?

Brian Bosworth says:

does it have the ability to bolt down to the foundation or to the studs in the wall behind it?

John Tupou says:

The comment section is flooded with juggies lol

Christina Haswell says:

lol juggies flooded the comments!! 🙂

White Rabbitt says:

Could you tell me the dimensions of your Field and Stream 16 gun safe (HxWxD) ? I would appreciate it.


NCGunOwners says:

I’ve got it installed, but I think they were centered on the back. Tried to find images online, but I can’t find them and Dicks no longer carries the model.

andrewsails1371 says:

how much did you say it was?

mstnggabe says:

I’m considering buying this safe, after a year of owning it, how satisfied are you with this safe? Have you had any problems? Look forward to hearing back from you and Merry Christmas.

Carlee Thompson says:

OMG is everyone looking for vids for him

Alecat says:


Keep it ridgit


Do you know what the rotation for the dial is? I know the combo, but can’t find the manual

DJ Collin says:

That’s psycho dad’s safe!

NCGunOwners says:

20″ deep, 24″ wide, 55″ tall

Bob V says:

why not call a lock smith

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